A Bride at His Bidding

A Bride at His BiddingHired by her enemy n nYet tempted to say I do n nAndreas Samaras is nobody s fool And his beautiful new employee, Carrie Rivers an undercover journalist is playing a dangerous game He ll keep her at his command until he can expose her deception But when her ruse is revealed, there s only one

His Cinderella's One-Night Heir

His Cinderella's One-Night HeirFROM THE ITALIAN S TEMPORARY TEMPTATION.TO HIS PREGNANT CINDERELLA n nBillionaire Dante Lucarelli s fake relationship with penniless waitress Belle Forrester was supposed to last only two weeks, to help clinch his latest business deal But Dante underestimated the all consuming power of the conne

The Greek Claims His Shock Heir (Billionaires at the Altar #1)

The Greek Claims His Shock Heir (Billionaires at the Altar #1)The billionaire s discovered her secret n nShe s had his son n nAfter learning of tycoon Eros Nevrakis s betrayal, personal chef Winnie Mardas walks out of his life, determined to never look back or reveal the child she s carrying A year later, she s shocked when Eros arrives to legitimize his heir

A Baby to Bind His Innocent

A Baby to Bind His InnocentFrom enemies to lovers, to wedding night passion, to life changing consequences This sparkling romance from Michelle Smart has it all A marriage built on a lie until her pregnancy test confirms the truth Claudia Buscetta is swept off her feet by Ciro Trapani Their wedding night is everything she d

Bought for the Greek's Revenge

Bought for the Greek's RevengeBedded for the Greek s pleasure Ella Palmer has neither the money nor the connections to warrant the interest of Nikolai Drakos s archenemy Yet the unassuming beauty has done just that and claiming her will be Nikolai s ultimate satisfaction The ruthless tycoon will use any means necessary to ensu

To Wear His Ring Again

To Wear His Ring AgainFor better or for worse n nDesertion The word sticks in Isobel Blake s throat How dare Marchese Constantin de Severino accuse her of abandonment Their marriage might have been hasty, but the loss of their child nearly destroyed her and Constantin was nowhere to be found n nHaving rebuilt her life

Protecting the Desert Heir

Protecting the Desert HeirPregnant, alone and on the run n nSterling McRae knows that powerful sheikh Rihad al Bakri wants to claim the unborn heir to his desert kingdom Her baby belongs to his brother, her best friend, and was conceived to protect him But now that he s gone, there is no one to protect Sterling and her chi

Princess's Secret Baby (The Chatsfield, Series Two, #3)

Princess's Secret Baby (The Chatsfield, Series Two, #3)A Princess for the Playboy n nThe Princess of Surhaadi is desperate to escape a life lived in the shadows of her family s past One misguided night of rebellion later and Leila s world comes crashing down thanks to two little blue lines on the pregnancy test n nWhen James Chatsfield world renowned ba

The Sicilian's Secret Son (Secret Heirs of Billionaires)

The Sicilian's Secret Son (Secret Heirs of Billionaires)Luca Cavallari is a man who always gets what he wants So when he uncovers the existence of his hidden son, he s determined to whisk his new family away to his sprawling Sicilian estate Convincing gentle Annah Sinclair won t be easy but denying their still fierce attraction is even harder And L

Her Sicilian Baby Revelation

Her Sicilian Baby RevelationTheir passion unrivaled Her revelation unforgettable Orla O Reilly knew the father of her precious three year old son must be out there somewhere But after a car accident left her with amnesia, she s unable to recall his name Until Tonino arrives at her sister s wedding, and suddenly it comes f

Sheikh's Pregnant Cinderella (Bound to the Desert King, #2)

Sheikh's Pregnant Cinderella (Bound to the Desert King, #2)Second book in the multi author series, Bound to the Desert King n n n From making the royal bed nTo carrying the royal heir It s the day of the royal wedding, and everyone who s anyone is in attendance except the bride Refusing to let being jilted disrupt his kingdom, duty bound, cold hearted Sheikh

The Sheikh Crowns His Virgin (Billionaires at the Altar #3)

The Sheikh Crowns His Virgin (Billionaires at the Altar #3)n From innocent in distress nTo convenient princessTo escape her overprotective family, sweet natured Zoe Mardas heads to the desert kingdom of Maraban for an adventure But she s kidnapped on arrival Zoe is saved by mysterious and devastatingly handsome Raj the nation s exiled prince The attract

Engaged for Her Enemy's Heir

Engaged for Her Enemy's Heirn Surrendering to the Italian billionaire n n nWhen ruthless Rafael Vitali learns the woman in his bed is the daughter of his sworn enemy, he can t get her out of his penthouse quick enough But when Allegra reveals she s pregnant, Rafael seizes the opportunity to assert his control He insists Alleg

Reclaimed by the Powerful Sheikh

Reclaimed by the Powerful Sheikhn The past will never be forgotten nAnd his request won t be denied Ten years ago, Mason McAulty was swept into an overwhelming affair with Prince Danyl Al Arain which ended tragically Now Danyl has arrived at her struggling Australian farm with a million dollar demand to attend his royal gala.

The Italian's Inexperienced Mistress

The Italian's Inexperienced MistressWhen Angelo Riccardi sought revenge Gwenna Hamilton added another, delicious dimension n nInnocent and pretty, she had no chance when the Italian tycoon offered her the devil s bargain pay for her father s freedom with her body n nIn her naivet , Gwenna thought that Angelo would tire of her and her

Doukakis's Apprentice

Doukakis's ApprenticeWith her family business in crisis, Polly Prince does her best to keep calm and carry on But hard work alone can t save her London company from a takeover by the infamously ruthless Damon Doukakis or her traitorous body from the lethal sensuality of her boss As his new apprentice, Polly accompanie

The Spanish Groom

The Spanish GroomIt started with a ring nC sar Valverde was the man with everything But his beloved godfather was in poor health, and C sar knew that it would please Jasper if he got married, preferably to Dixie Robinson Well, perhaps a temporary engagement would be enough to make Jasper happy n nAnd ended in m

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