Ruthless Knight (Royal Hearts Academy, #2)

Ruthless Knight (Royal Hearts Academy, #2)WARNING Royal Hearts Academy is a New Adult High School series of standalones filled with drama, a touch of angst, and boys who are bad to the bone And when I say bad, I mean they are assholes with a capital A If you re looking for a safe, sweet romance, this series is NOT for you At all Please


FocusedIf you ve ever seen your teenage crush ten years later, and he turns out to be a complete jerk, then you know how Molly Ward feels The last time she saw Noah Griffin was the regrettable day that she decided to climb into his bedroom window and turn her unrequited crush into something That day

The Third Best Thing (Fulton U, #3)

The Third Best Thing (Fulton U, #3)Dear Letter Girl, I need to see you When can we meet Her response never came My secret pen pal with a dirty mind has ghosted me I ve roped Jules, my sweet as pie next door neighbor, to help me track her down.There s only one problem I m falling for her The tortoise shell glasses, out of this

Crossing the Line (Hot Jocks, #4)

Crossing the Line (Hot Jocks, #4)Recovering from a pulled groin muscle isn t exactly how I planned to spend my much needed summer vacation But I ll admit, being nursed back to health by my gorgeous friend Bailey, who s just graduated from medical school, doesn t exactly sound like a hardship We spend a week together at my family

Rules of Engagement

Rules of EngagementLove is a battlefield for a quirky matchmaker and the cocky football star who hires her to find him a wife As the owner of Perfect Pairings matchmaking service, Maddie McRae earns her living helping others fall in love And one thing the sweet Southern belle knows for sure is that the foundation

Throw Like a Girl

Throw Like a GirlFriday Night Lights meets Morgan Matson s The Unexpected Everything in this contemporary debut where swoon worthy romance meets underdog sports story When softball star Liv Rodinsky throws one ill advised punch during the most important game of the year, she loses her scholarship to her fancy

This Is Forever (This is, #4)

This Is Forever (This is, #4)From USA Today Bestselling Author comes the fourth book in the This Is Series Caroline Becoming a teen mom at sixteen was not what I expected, but then again, neither was being a single parent Still, I wouldn t change my past because that boy is my world Hockey is the only thing my son seems to

Just a Boyfriend (End of the Line #2)

Just a Boyfriend (End of the Line #2)The rules of love and second chances are due for a major league shake up in a warm, witty, and unpredictable romance by the bestselling author of The Friend Zone Ian Bash Sebastian and Ember Carlson were high school sweethearts until their single parents got married With one thorny twist of

One Blissful Night (West Sisters #3)

One Blissful Night (West Sisters #3)How much are you willing to trust a liar Promise you won t break my heart, Brax He promised I believed Brax Kent was a liar He shattered every possible piece of me Several years passed before I got through an entire day without shedding a tear My existence was hollow, empty, bleak Hate was

Tough Guy (Game Changers, #3)

Tough Guy (Game Changers, #3)They have nothing in common so why does Ryan feel most like himself whenever he s with Fabian Pro hockey star Ryan Price may be an enforcer, but off the ice he struggles with anxiety Recently traded to the Toronto Guardians, he s determined to make a fresh start in the city s dynamic LGBTQ Village.

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