Perelandra Garden Workbook II Kindle Ó Perelandra

Perelandra Garden Workbook II The Perelandra Garden Workbook II gives us the next step in the co creative relationship with nature that was begun with the Perelandra Garden Workbook And what a next step The energy processes in Workbook II open a door to a new world in which we begin to discover that the balance and health of a garden and, for that matter, of all natural forms are involved than just finding out what fertilizer is needed A balanced garden or farm environment must also include balanced energy and vitality And Workbook II introduces us to the many elements of a balanced garden or farm that we can t see the energy elements For those of you who wish to incorporate a co creative partnership with nature in a home, apartment or office environment, both Workbook and Workbook II will be of special interest You do not need to have a garden or farm to establish a partnership with nature and work co creatively to achieve a balanced environment The environmental processes introduced in the Workbook and the energy processes in the Workbook and the energy processes in Workbook II may be very different in concept, but they are equal in importance To work with nature co creatively through the environmental processes but ignore the energy processes would be to exclude half of the picture We would, in fact, be tying one of our hands and one of nature s hands behind our respective backs.

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