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My Google Chromebook Get comfortable with Google Chrome OS fast, with this media rich, customized, hands on learning experience

About the Author: Michael Miller

Michael Miller received a Marketing degree from Indiana University in 1980 After graduation, he worked for seven years in his family s retail business, then spent twelve years in various positions at Macmillan Publishing In his last position as Vice President of Business Strategy, he helped guide the strategic direction for the world s largest reference publisher and influence the shape of today s computer book publishing market Mr Miller formed The Molehill Group in January 1999, and is now a full time writer.As the best selling writer ofthan 100 non fiction books, Mr Miller writes about a variety of topics, ranging from computers to consumer electronics to music From his first book, Ventura Publisher Techniques and Applications, to his latest title, he has established a reputation for practical advice, technical accuracy, and an unerring empathy for the needs of his readers.As a musician, Mr Miller has been playing drums since he was in grade school, and he attended the prestigious Jazz Studies Program at the Indiana University School of Music He is also an arranger and composer, and has applied his musical knowledge and skills to author a series of best selling music instruction books.

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    For some people, computers are difficult things Take my grandparents for instance My grandfather was not what I would call computer savvy, with my grandmother being close behind Developers and computer manufacturers understand this all too well So Google came to ask itself one day, how can we tap that demographic This is how I assume it went down at least, I wasn t there to witness it So the culmination of all of that is the Chromeboo

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    Good overview of Chromebooks Really liked the screenshots and tables of keyboard shortcuts Would like info on managed Chromebooks.

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    The book I read to research this post was My Google Chromebook by Michael Miller which is an excellent book which I bought from kindle This book tells you all about the Chromebook and has lots of tutorials showing you how to do the various tasks on it There are currently 2 companies making Chromebooks, Samsung Acer there is also a desktop version called the Chromebox These computers do away with the hard drive dvdrom drive found in most computers The

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    I was looking for a basic book on the Chromebook that I could give someone not very comfortable with computers There were good tips from identifying the parts in the box to turning it on to getting online I wrote in the book as I went along to customize it I agreed with most of the advice I like the screenshots, step by step instructions and warnings.While the book is a bit thin, it is only 25 And I look forward to thethan 25 worth of time it saves me in tec

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    I felt that this book on the Chrome OS can be a very useful introduction for those new to computers, not just Chrome The color screenshots and step by step instructions were very useful even as a long time computer user I found it helpful to view this screenshots so that I could compare the information to my knowledge of Windows screens The section discussing some of the most popular apps was also useful.

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