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When the aristocratic Lady Isabel abandons her husband and children for her wicked seducer, is at stake than moral retribution Ellen Wood played upon the anxieties of the Victorian middle classes who feared a breakdown of the social order as divorce became readily available and promiscuity threatened the sanctity of the family In her novel the simple act of hiring a governess raises the spectres of murder, disguise, and adultery Her sensation novel was devoured by readers from the Prince of Wales to Joseph Conrad and continued to fascinate This edition returns for the first time to the racy, slang ridden narrative of the first edition, rather than the subsequent stylistically improved versions hitherto reproduced by modern editors East Lynne

About the Author: Mrs. Henry Wood

Ellen Wood n e Price was an English novelist, better known as Mrs Henry Wood She wrote over 30 novels, many of which especially East Lynne , enjoyed remarkable popularity Among the best known of her stories are Danesbury House, Oswald Cray, Mrs Halliburton s Troubles, The Channings, Lord Oakburn s Daughters and The Shadow of Ashlydyat For many years, she worked as the proprietor and editor of the Argosy.

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    East Lynne , Mrs Henry WoodEast Lynne is an English sensation novel of 1861 by Ellen Wood A Victorian best seller, it is remembered chiefly for its elaborate and implausible plot, centering on infidelity and double identities There have been numerous stage and film adaptations.Lady Isabel Carlyle, a beautiful and refined young woman, leaves her hard working law

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    Eat your heart out Wilkie Collins What a fantastic book this is I just loved every minute of it and there were a LOT of minutes for some reason it took me an age to read For about three weeks I felt like I was living in the middle of a Victorian soap opera There was murder, betrayal, divorce, disguises and death and all this set among a backdrop of stately homes a

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    Well that was one of the most exciting Victorian novels I ve ever read Fascinating themes, poignant characterisation and wonderful plotting I d highly recommend

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    When one wants to read a Victorian author who wrote salacious stories full of intrigue and unrequited love and a dash of murder, they usually reach for Wilkie Collins And there s nothing wrong with that because Collins is one of my favorites and he is truly delicious Or they turn to his BFF, Charles Dickens, arguably the most famous Victorian author evah.TheI read, howe

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    East Lynneis a sensation novel written in the Victorian era It is also my first read of Ellen Wood Sensation novels were very a popular genre in the Victorian era, and East Lynne was a best seller along with Wilkie Collin sThe Woman in Whiteand Mary Elizabeth Braddon sLady Audley s SecretAdultery, murder and mistaken identity were the popular themes of this genre and in al

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    A sensational Victorian novel that tackles jealousy, love triangles, mistaken identities, murder, and divorce, East Lynne was seven hundred pages of unputdownable I was enthralled by the character of Lady Isabel Carlyle and her ill fated life story Not that she doesn t hold some responsibility for her own fate, but was there ever a woman born under a less auspicious star For

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    I could tell you that East Lynne , a huge popular success in its day, has unremarkable writing, is horribly contrived, holds no real surprises, drifts into silliness and goes on for much too long.But I could also tell you that I had to keep reading, that I was very well entertained, and that the book was very easy to read.I d read it before, many years ago, when my love for Vict

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    East Lynne was an extraordinary publishing success in its day, and it s not difficult to see why It s right up there with the best of Victorian sensation fiction, which, for me, means Wilkie Collins I have also tried Mary Elizabeth Braddon s Lady Audley s Secret, which was fun, but not quite in the same league Ellen Wood s literary career had a distinctive and unusual shape She be

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    It s been Sensation Novel Spring here, and I ve said a lot of what I have to say about them in my review of Lady Audley s Secret East Lynne isof the same Disguises, mountains of foreshadowing, Nancy Drew esque use of italics, it s all here That s certainly a lot of fun, and so is this book.Here s the general plot Isabel marries Mr Carlyle Romantic comedy complications the type that co

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    East Lynne is a classic among 19th century sensation fiction but a sadly neglected gem in the history of English literature The author, Ellen Wood, is among the big three of sensation authors alongside Wilkie Collins and Marie Elizabeth Braddon Whenever people are in the mood for this type fiction they usually reach for Collins The Moonstone or Braddon s Lady Audley s Secret Unfortunatel

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