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Picture Perfect Being an instant mother was hard enoughBut Abby Drake had never planned to live in a town so small it didn t even appear on the map She d never expected to live in hiding, either, or to tell so many lies But she d do anything to keep her niece and nephew safe Even if that meant pretending to be married and losing her own chance at loveKurt Morgan thought being a single father with a nine year old son was tough He didn t need any complications Like falling in love with the woman he knew as Abby Harris Mrs Abby Harris A woman who told a lot of lies A woman with something to hide

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    This book could not keep my attention at all I just skipped to the ending I felt the plot was too long winded and too complicated to keep up with it.

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    Abby is running for her life and that if her niece and nephew They are pretending to be mother and her kids They are running from the kids father He put their mother in the hospital and is now after the kids Abby gets caught in a few lies by Kurt her next door neighbor A

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    Halfway through and I m exhausted The story, as emotional and difficult as it is to write about domestic abuse, is dragging I might give up on it.

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    I m not sure why the title of this story was changed, as I still am not sure what it refers to perhaps that single divorcee Abby used to be a professional photographer, but she isn t now Instead, she s taken her sister s children away from an abusive father, hiding out in

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    This was a good book with a lot of emotion The focus on domestic abuse you would normally think would be depressing, but the author does a good job of getting the message across without getting too down Abby was a great character who works hard to help her niece and nephew

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    what happen when the kid are in harms way so Abby drake come to the rescued of the kidsand get them way form a dad that want to kill the kills and then take them away formhis x wife Vic beat up the x and Abby go on the run with the kid they are so messed up and do not now we

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    I liked this book, it was a good read, I got very involves in the characters and wanted to help them I do not like how the book ended though, I wanted to hearabout Rachel and the kids and what they had planned and how the kids reacted about their father after the fact Plus, d

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    Falls under the guilty pleasure category Harlequin Romance about an aunt who helps to hide two children, pretending to be their mother, while her sister deals with an abusive physically and mentally ex husband.

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