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Tito in tovariši Spoznajte e bolj podrobno eno najbolj znanih politi nih osebnostistoletja, ki e danes buri duhove, loveka, ki je sodelavcem kmalu dal vedeti Jaz odgovarjam za Jugoslavijo Jaz v njej odlo am Nova knjiga priznanega zgodovinarja Jo eta Pirjevca opisuje ivljenjsko zgodbo Josipa Broza Tita in ozadje njegovega politi nega vzpona, ki se je tesno prepletal z ivljenjem in politi nim delovanjem njegovih tovari ev Milovana ilasa, Aleksandra Rankovi a in Edvarda Kardelja Avtor se pri opisovanju dogodkov opira na spomine in pri evanja Titovih sodelavcev ter na dokumente v razli nih arhivih

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    This is as close as you can get to a definitive biography of Marshall Tito and the Partisan leaders who built and ran Yugoslavia over a half century Unlike the aristocrats who ran many other countries, Tito came from the humblest of origins, growing up in bitter rural poverty He rose through the ranks of the Yugoslav Communist Party during its undergrou

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    This is not only a definitive biography of Tito but a fine study of Yugoslavia up to his death I studied Eastern Europe and the Balkans as a graduate student in political science, so I was excited to learn so muchdetail in this book It is written in a style that should be accessible to most people who enjoy reading about history Josef Broz Tito was unique He

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    Izjemno delo Prvic marsikaj novega iz moskovskih in zahodnih arhivov, drugic zelo lepo berljiv stil, ki znanstveno delo priblizuje literaturi.

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    At first I was sorely disappointed since it discussed nothing of his time with the Jackson 5Both 1984 Olympics were distinctive moments in my knowledge of Yugoslavia The winter Olympics were in Sarajevo, then a backwater city in the federation rather than the site of bloody war And then at the Summer games in LA, the Yugoslav team was the only European communist count

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    An excellent and extensive biography of out iconographic leader I was waiting for tlhe late years after 60 s when I was born but discovered that he really was an icon during WWII and in Informbiro years when he cleverly introduced neuvr eni and lobbied for the third block in midst of USA snd SSSR during the Cold war.Amazing person and a marvelous effort from the author dr

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    Spannend zu lesen, wie schon in den 1960ern der Zerfall Jugoslawiens von Tito voraus bef rchtet wurde Ebenso faszinierend zu sehen, wie es Tito gelang die Sowjetunion immer wieder vor der Einflussnahme auf sein Land zur ckschrecken zu lassen Leider ist das Buch etwas zu zitatenhaft berfrachtet.

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