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The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street A zesty memoir of the celebrated writer s travels to England where she meets the cherished friends from , Charing Cross Road

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    A week ago I read 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff I found the concept of writing to the same pen pal over a twenty year period to be a refreshing and charming idea for a book That the book has endured for nearly fifty years shows that many share my views of this slim memoir In the comments of the review it was brought to my attention that Hanff had writ

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    84, Charing Cross Road should have a warning sticker on the cover Be sure to have a copy of The Duchess Of Bloomsbury Street on hand BEFORE beginning this book If you ve read 84, you already know it takes maybe an hour to finish, including bathroom breaks and getting up to brew a cup of tea and maybe trying to make that recipe for Yorkshire pudding, while you re at

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    Every time I try to explain the awesomeness of 84, Charing Cross Road, I end up concluding my speech with you ll just have to read this for yourself, to understand I m not a particularly emphatic person, when it comes to experiences I haven t personally gone through But the fact that I found myself unable to sympathize with Ms Hanff getting to see the Englad she d dreamed

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    Having just read and enjoyed, 84, Charing Cross Road, I decided to jump right into her second novel, The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street Unfortunately this book wasn t as enjoyable The book definitely reads like a travelogue of Helene Hanff s trip that she finally makes to England to see the bookstore, Mark s Company, which because many years had passed, was out of business, and a

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    This is not a 5 star book for all and sundry, but for anglophiles who want to read every book written by a British author and who long to physically visit the places they have haunted in their dreams then this is THE book for you For me it is a 10 star book because I read it 20 year ago and deeply understood the emotions behind the book I wondered if I would ever go to The England of

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    I had huge expectations from this one, especially after enjoying the snarky and wonderful 84 Charring Cross However, I was disappointed Where the sights and history of London is definitely interesting, the breezy nature of the writing, which was at times quite irritating and at other times quite insufficient made it lacklustre I don t compare books but this is one where I couldn t stop mys

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    Our revels now are ended These our actorswere all spirits and Are melted into air, into thin airThe cloud capped towers, the gorgeous palaces The solemn templesdissolve And, like this insubstantial pageant faded, Leave not a rack behind We are such stuff As dreams are made on thus ends Ms.Hanff her travellogue of visiting London and meeting the friends she made at the now closed old bookshop, 84

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    This is Helene Hanff s follow up to 84 Charing Cross Road and it is an account of her first visit to Britain in 1971, three years after Frank Doel s death It is in daily diary form The visit combined some book promotion of 84 Charing Cross Road, meeting Doel s wife and daughters and a number of other friends and acquaintances As in the previous book Hanff s personality and enthusiasm shine through Her

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    In a follow up to her hugely popular 84, Charing Cross Road Helene Hanff takes us to London The book is written as diary journal entries on her first and last trip to the city she had dreamed of visiting Alas, her favorite bookstore, which she immortalized in her earlier book, was no , but the success of that first book resulted in instant friends I loved how enthusiastic she was about seeing the literary l

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    Basically, this is the follow up of 84, Charing Cross Street After postponing for many years, Helen Hanff finally manages to travel to London just in time for the publication of her book, named above This is the journal she kept while visiting London It was interesting but it did not make me feel anything.

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