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Collected Poems, Prose, and Plays A wonderful collection of various works by Robert Frost, including an in depth chronology of his life I like many, have read Frost s poetry countless times However studying the chronology first, I obtained a deeper understanding and appreciation of his writings I loved all this information bound together in one volume, definitely one for the personal library. Reading Frost is a wonder His work has become so quoted in our culture that you d think he d be in danger of becoming cliche He still transcends that His icy scenes and wintry imagery show a mind so affixed to nature s quiet desolation a soul searcher firmly grounded in the soil he farms and fields he traverses, observing other lonely souls seeking shelter from frailty and encroaching infirmity He s gruff, yet gentle melancholic, yet stoic with a wry sense of humor Nature inspires him, but unlike the English romantics, Wordsworth in particular, his intimations of mortality hint at darker themes read Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening and it s than just misconstrued Hallmark sentiment What I love about Library of America s edition of Frost is their inclusion of his lectures and essays about reading, literature, and poetics I m fascinated by how other writers and poets reflect on their craft and the artistic problems they face creating it You get a generous sampling of that here along with some of the most original and universal poetry, next to Whitman and Dickinson, in the American canon. Justly Celebrated At Home And Abroad, Robert Frost Is Perhaps America S Greatest Twentieth Century Poet And A Towering Figure In American Letters From The Publication Of His First Collections, A Boy S Will And North Of Boston , Frost Was Recognized As A Poet Of Unique Power And Formal Skill, And The Enduring Significance Of His Work Has Been Acknowledged By Each Subsequent Generation His Poetry Ranges From Deceptively Simply Pastoral Lyrics And Genial, Vernacular Genre Pieces To Darker Meditations, Complex And IronicHere, Based On Extensive Research Into His Manuscripts And Published Work, Is The First Authoritative And Truly Comprehensive Collection Of His Writings Brought Together For The First Time In A Library Of America Single Volume Is All The Major Poetry, A Generous Selection Of Uncollected Poems, All Of Frost S Dramatic Writing, And The Most Extensive Gathering Of His Prose Writings Ever Published, Several Of Which Are Printed Here For The First TimeThe Core Of This Collection Is The Complete Poems Of Robert Frost, The Last Collection Supervised By Frost Himself This Version Of The Poems Is Free Of Unauthorized Editorial Changes Introduced Into Subsequent Editions Also Included Is In The Clearing , Frost S Final Volume Of Poetry Verse Drawn From Letters, Articles, Pamphlets, And Journals Makes Up The Largest Selection Of Uncollected Poems Ever Assembled, Including Nearly Two Dozen Beautiful Early Works Printed For The First Time Also Gathered Here Are All The Dramatic Works Three Plays And Two Verse MasquesThe Unprecedented Prose Section Includes Than Three Times As Many Items As Any Other Collection Available It Is Rich And Diverse, Presenting Many Newly Discovered Or Rediscovered Pieces Especially Unusual Items Include Frost S Contribution To John F Kennedy S Inauguration And Two Fascinating Essays On The Future Of Man Several Manuscript Items Are Published Here For The First Time, Including The Essays Caveat Poeta And The Way There, Frost S Remarks On Being Appointed Poetry Consultant To The Library Of Congress In , The Preface To A Proposed New Edition Of North Of Boston, And Many Others A Selection Of Letters Represents All Of Frost S Important Comments About Prosody, Poetics, Style, And His Theory Of Sentence Sounds This is the perfect Frost book What I like about this edition is that besides Frost s wonderful poetry, it also has a section of his prose In addition, at the end of the book there is an interesting and useful chronology of the poet s life It was interesting reading how Frost, when he was a young man, took over a school class He had little tolerance for misbehaving students, and so he caned the worst offenders Later on, their grudges having been well nursed and cultivated, the caned students ganged up on Frost and beat him up.I also learned in an Paris Review interview included in the book that Frost never wrote at a deskThis beautifully bound book with acid free pages is the kind of book you want to buy and add to your permanent collection. Here s the thing Most of this book really sucks It s terrible However, when it doesn t suck, it s beyond brilliant Frost wrote great poems than any other 20th century poet, I think, but he surrounded them with so much pedestrian crap that it s hard to find them sometimes Birches, Mending Wall, Out, Out, After Apple Picking, and so on continue to stand up, reading after reading after reading He handled form so lightly, so wittily, in these poems He was plenty heavy handed in others, but these and others are worth the price of the book It s good also to see his own prose about poetry insightful and quotable and you can learn from it. I also read the Emerson and Whitman collections in this series They are incredible I really want to own them As for Frost, he has the same impact on me a Whitman, that is the urge to lay naked in the snow or whatever other visceral, human experience I can come up with on short notice Check out Dream Pang I had withdrawn in forest, and my songWas swallowed up in leaves that blew alway And to the forest edge you came one day This was my dream and looked and pondered long,But did not enter, though the wish was strong you shook your pensive head as who should say, I dare not too far in his footsteps stray He must seek me would he undo the wrong Not far, but near, I stood and saw it allbehind low boughs the trees let down outside And the sweet pang it cost me not to callAnd tell you that I saw does still abide.But tis not true that thus I dwelt aloof,For the wood wakes, and you are here for proof. The Poetry of Robert Frost was really good I ve always been a fan of Robert Frost, but have only ever really read a few of his poems when I read through all of his poems in this book, I started to really understand why they call him the American Poet besides him actually being American I just enjoyed the subject matters that he wrote about in his poetry he wrote about things that the average person could relate too you can tell through his writings the type of person he was, by all of who he was that he had put into his writings.Really great poet to my understanding really understood the idea of what writing is. The Library of America editions are all treasure chests They are not cheap, but they are the kind of book you ll be proud of owning If you know someone who s into American Literature, get him a LoA edition of the works of a writer they like and they ll be happy as woodchucks which are famously happy animals.And Frost s poems are like cherries, although you find the occasional bitter one they are so delicious you just can t stop once you get started One of the most enjoyable poets I ve ever found on a mere surface level not to mention when you go deeper. Frost have a very unique collection of poems that provide the readers with advice. Reading this right after books of poetry by Coleridge and Shelley was a pleasure, even a relief I don t hold doth and lady fair against poets such as Shakespeare and Donne they seem to be using their own natural language But I can t help roll my eyes at times at the romantic poets with their classical allusions and archaic language They write of flowers and brooks as if it came from reading dusty volumes inside by a fire Frost writes of nature as if from observing outside in the midst of it with greater eloquence and sharpness of detail than Thoreau And his voice is conversational, colloquial, as if he s speaking to you as a friend And though he died before I was born, and started publishing poems before my grandmother was born, he doesn t feel dated At the same time, he s not obscurist or dada ish such as many modernist poets He s not the verse equivalent of Jackson Pollock Frost is quoted as saying that I would sooner write free verse as play tennis with the net down Conversational his poetry might be, they do have structure He s not particularly prolific From what I can gather from online sources, he only published about 130 odd poems in his lifetime Compare that to the output of Emily Dickinson, along with Walt Whitman, the other American poet with a first class world reputation she wrote over 1,700 Each of Frost s poems is telling though and worth reading, and varied than I expected Yes, here you can find the familiar poems Mending Wall, The Road Not Traveled and Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Birches and After Apple Picking that fit his persona as a New England Farmer poet But there are also works such as Home Burial and Death of a Hired Man that read like short stories works of Flash Fiction Home is the place where, when you have to go there They have to take you in There are very short epigrammatic works of a couple of lines such as Precaution I never dared be radical when young For fear it would make me conservative when old There are works that treat of science and a few that deal with the political and philosophical Particularly in retrospect after reading about his take on justice versus mercy in Milton s Paradise Lost in his letter to a friend, I found these lines in his verse play A Masque of Mercy very striking The rich in seeing nothing but injusticeIn their impoverishment by revolutionAre right But twas intentional injustice.It was their justice being mercy crossed.The revolution Keeper s bring on Is nothing but an outbreak of mass mercy,Too long pent up in rigorous convention A holy impulse towards redistribution To set out to homogenize mankindSo that the cream could never rise again.And as for science, one of my favorite Frost poems was supposedly inspired by his conversation with an astronomer about the end of the world although there are also echoes of Dante Some say the world will end in fire,Some say in ice.From what I ve tasted of desireI hold with those who favor fire.But if it had to perish twice,I think I know enough of hateTo say that for destruction iceIs also greatAnd would suffice.There s something in the tone I just adore in this one Irony Whimsey I don t know how to characterize it, except I found Frost s way at looking at so many things an unexpected pleasure in poem after poem I d never read encountering Frost in anthologies or quoted here and there So in content this is five stars easily, which is why I rated it that way Frost is a favorite poet If I was tempted to mark the rating down, it s because I m not sure if I had to do it over I d buy this particular edition edited by Latham and Thompson They say in their very brief introduction that the texts are allowed to speak for themselves and that the editors have deliberately avoided making interpretations Certainly Frost is very accessible, but I would have liked a little value added notes on the context and background And listing the individual poems in the Table of Contents or an index of first lines would certainly have been welcome.

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Flinty, moody, plainspoken and deep, Robert Frost was one of America s most popular 20th century poets Frost was farming in Derry, New Hampshire when, at the age of 38, he sold the farm, uprooted his family and moved to England, where he devoted himself to his poetry His first two books of verse, A Boy s Will 1913 and North of Boston 1914 , were immediate successes In 1915 he returned to the

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