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The Carpenter's Wife This book makes one think of how many of us, carry baggage that affect our own lives, and how much we need to deal with it as it can hurt us and others we love and care about so much The fun of the story isn t the eccentric island characters, but rather watching two adults who are nearly perfect for each other fall in love They make each other better, and that s what a good romance should do. I liked the characters in this book It s story is one of truth and forgiveness and love With God, all things are possible. Rock is a minister and a carpenter on Sunset Island He dreams of having a wife and family sometime and is mother dreams of being a grandmother His Mom tells her friend Ana that if she needs anything done her son Rock would be happy to help her get things done I think Mom is being a bit of a matchmaker there.Ana doesn t feel that she can do anything right Can Rock and Ana work out a relationship between them Read the book an see what you think. Rock and Ana s story previously read Clay s story and knew the results of this romance I missed the romance in my real life and wonder is this for the few and not the many. Loved this story I loved this book so much I read it several years ago, and recently came across it again There was something so beautiful and timeless about this love story Although, I have to admit, I have loved everything I have ever read by Ms Worth this was no exception. The Carpenter s Wife by Lenora Worth released on May ,is available now for purchase

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