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The Blood Star A sequel to the international bestseller The Assyrian, The Blood Star carries Tiglath Ashur through his years of exile and his return to Assyria, where the secrets of his own fate are at last revealed to him

About the Author: Nicholas Guild

Nicholas Guild was born in Belmont, California in 1944 He graduated from Occidental College with a B.A in English in 1966 and from the University of California at Berkeley with an M.A in Comparative Literature 1968 and a Ph.D in English 1972 Since then he has divided his time between teaching and writing He currently lives in Frederick, MD.

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    So when last we left our hero, Tiglath Ashur, after a falling out with his brother Esarhaddon who had taken the throne of Assyria that should rightfully have been Tiglath s, thanks to the treachery of Esarhaddon s mother , found himself banished and forced to flee in haste and with perhaps assassins on his trail The Blo

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    Tutto sommato avvincente ma comunque un gradino inferiore rispetto il primo volume In questo secondo libro l autore tenta di sopperire al calo di qualit con un aumento della quantit , ma non sempre raggiunge l obiettivo desiderato Il principe assiro Tiglath, ormai esiliato dalla propria patria, intraprende un lungo viaggi

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    Maravillosa novela hist rica plagada de aventuras,de lo mejorcito que he le do de este g nero.Inolvidable Tiglath Assur.Me gusta m s que la primera parte El Asirio,pues esta tiene m s acci n y aventuras con todos sus viajes,genial su vida entre los Caldeos.Deseando leer m s libros de este autor.

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    following The Assyrian who is half Greek and tells the story of his life to his Greek great grandchildren at the venerable age of 97, 610 after his exile in the first of the series exile 680 when he was 25 wanderings, intrigue, exotic societies, intrigue, battles etc, the novel has all the ingredients that made the subgenre s

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    Es la continuaci n en el tiempo de El Asirio del mismo autor Sirve el mismo comentario que hice para la primera parte Excelente novela hist rica ambientada en la Asiria del S VII a.c Cuenta la vida de dos hermanastros y pr ncipes asirios, su amistad y su odio, sus peleas y envidias, sus as y aventuras, y como tel n de fondo la

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    Book 2 of the Tiglath Ashur saga by Nicholas Guild.In a lot of ways The Assyrian and The Blood Star could be one massive tome if they had wanted to release a 1200 page novel The Blood Star starts right where The Assyrian ends off, Tiglath being banished from the Land of Ashur by his brother.The first half of the novel is quite di

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    This is definitely one of the best books I ve read in a long time, but there were times where it got too slow for me to give it five stars I found it muchreadable and exciting than the first book in the series which acts asof a setup to this book than a whole story in its own right I now wish there werebooks like this books where t

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    Originally published in 1989, this brilliant title oraccurately, the series of which The Blood Star is the second and final instalment appears to have disappeared from the collective consciousness of contemporary readers, if scant number of ratings and reviews it garners here and onis any indication I have not been aware of it or its

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    Fino a met libro ero deciso a dare a questo libro 4.5 stelle, stesso voto che ho dato a L Assiro , ma l ultima met del libro mi ha convinto a dare 5 stelle.Non possibile leggere Ninive senza L assiro , ma neanche L assiro pu esser letto senza Ninive in quanto L assiro di fatto si interrompe a met storia.In Ninive si pu leggere finalmen

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Quanta fatica per procurarmi questo libro Non posso credere che la Rizzoli l abbia messo fuori catalogo Per ne valsa veramente la pena.Questo secondo romanzo all altezza del primo, anche se forse nel precedente le cose erano pi movimentate Se L Assiro era il

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