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A Breathless Bride After becoming the reluctant owner of the company that had cost him his fianc e, Constantine Atraeus wants Controlling Ambrosi Pearls would not be complete without enticing Sienna Ambrosi back into his bed His ex lover, however, won t be won over with simple promises and elaborate seductions A legally binding contract has to be madeSo Constantine proposes the ultimate marriage bargain If Sienna becomes his wife, she ll retain shares in her family s precious company But she ll be bound to him forever It is a union potentially worth billions And it is a price Constantine is than willing to payBut is she

About the Author: Fiona Brand

Fiona Brand has always wanted to write After working eight years for the New Zealand Forest Service as a clerk, she decided she could spend at least that much time trying to get a novel published Luckily it took five years, not eight, before Fiona wrote her first award winning novel.She has won the Australian Romantic Book of the Year award category section twice, one of her novels was listed by Romantic Times as one of their all time top two hundred favorite romance books and she has been featured in Next and She magazines Fiona lives in a subtropical South Seas paradise called the Bay of Islands with her two sons.

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    finally necrophilia based erotica goes mainstream nohiding in the shadows

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    I was so glad to see Fiona Brand writing again since I loved her SASS seriesor less but sadly this book lacked something, the hero never really made up for his assumptions and actions and I felt the heroine let him get away with everything.I never warmed up to the heroine completely as well, I liked it when she acted cool and composed but I really didn t see her obsession with

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    I was disappointed with this one I love Fiona Brand s Silhouette Intimate Moments series about SAS soldiers in New Zealand, and I was excited to read a new book by her Unfortunately, I didn t feel the love or the passion in this story.What went wrong Fundamentally, I like a hero who is psycho crazy about the heroine I want to believe he couldn t live without her Not that he was merely

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    Sienna Ambrosi and Constantine Atraeus were engaged once upon a time He broke off the engagement when Sienna s father took out a huge loan from his father Thinking that Sienna was apart of it, he walked away from her and the love they could of had Now two years later, Sienna s father is dead and have left a trail of gambling debts on the way The company Ambrosi Pearls is in debt up to their

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    The story was good but Constantin s action spoiled the book for me,till end i felt he did not love Sienna it was only about control and his business.It was an okay read for me.

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    Good book The conflict between Constantine and Sienna was very intense Their short lived engagement two years before had not ended well Both had made mistakes, and now he was back in her life Sienna was stunned to find out that Constantine now owned a majority of her business, thanks to her late father s gambling losses Constantine wants Sienna back, and is willing to basically blackmail her to do it Sien

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    Agak terganggu sama Sienna yang beberapa kali mikir she shouldn t kiss him back setiap kali Constantine mulai main fisik, tapi tetep aja nggak bisa nahan godaan Mungkin itu yang namanya cinta itu buta.Nggak kebayang juga kalo ada di posisinya Sienna Dan yep, di endingnya Constantine emang dingin dan control freak banget Nikah aja belum, hamil aja belum, dia udah nyuruh pengacaranya nyiapin klausul buat perjanjia

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    Constine Atraeus and Sienna Ambrosi have a history and it isn t pretty so when it becomes necessary for them to interact again, it isn t pretty again Each believing the worst of the other, they are forced to marry in order to preserve their fathers companies and pearl business Unknown to each of them is the deal their fathers made before her father s death which changes everything when they find out Will Sienna be cont

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    Miniseries The Pearl House

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