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Afraid To Death A man is fleeing from a hit woman who is none other than the Angel of Death There should be no escape from heror is there

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    Falls just short of its Siamese twin, Eye of the Beholder The writing is there The well rendered characters are there The neurotic, frantic racing around the globe is there But this time our hero is running away from something instead of chasing something And therein lies why this one just missed the mark for me The protagonist of Eye of the Beholder has a very clear, visible g

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    C est un livre qui se lit facilement et tient en haleine

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About the Author: Marc Behm

Marc Behm was an American novelist, actor and screenwriter, who lived as an expatriate in France.Behm developed a fascination for French culture while serving in the US army during World War II later, he appeared as an actor on several French television programmes, before moving there permanently.

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