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A World of Art College level text for art appreciation

About the Author: Henry M. Sayre

Henry M Sayre is a Distinguished Professor of Art History He has written several books on his subject.Sayre was born in Boulder, Colorado in 1948.

10 thoughts on “A World of Art

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    This book was my textbook for my online Intro to Art class, it was a good read I enjoyed learning about the different types of Art, and the processes in which the artists go about doing their works of art.

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    By far my favorite part of Western Heritage in a Global Context

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    Not really sure how to rate a textbook, but it seemed fine.

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    Awesome Love Art.

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    Excellent book nice glossy photos and pages, time line in the back and historical references to time periods and pieces This was a textbook for me while I was taking an Art Appreciation course it did a lot to help understand basic concepts and techniques of art as well as study classic pieces I found the book to be extremely helpful well written Lots of color photos, time lines, spot on index section Highly recommend I do think it s

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    Before reading Sayre s book, I was one of those people who would walk through an art museum, gravitate to some pictures, walk past others with barely a glance, and wonder why some of the famous pictures on the wall were so celebrated A World of Art changed all that Sayre writes with an almost elegant economy and a surprising amount of emotion without getting excessive for a text book He doesn t try to argue or persuade rather, he helps

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    A decent entrance for the student that has never studied art with any discipline While it seemed to me that many of the author s opinions were subjective, the nature of art makes it almost impossible to choose any one interpretation of a given subject and stick to it The book did fuel some interesting dialogue and made the semester go by faster than it probably would have That s possibly the highest compliment I can pay a textbook at thi

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    A very beautiful book that introduces the reader the to wonderful world of art.

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    Love this book Great textbook Wonderful resource.

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    I love learning about art so this was a god book for me.

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