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Mr. Christmas One day Santa calls Mr Christmas asking for help Can he help Santa deliver presents to all of the Mr Men Of course he can Full color with glitter on cover

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    Roger Hargreaves Mr Christmas has restored my faith in there being a Father Christmas not that I ever lost it Mr Christmas receives a telephone call from his uncle, who happens to be Father Christmas, asking for help in delivering presents to all the Mr Men.Mr Christmas agrees and,

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    Nah I like the look and size of the Mr Men series by Roger Hargreaves but this story illustrates that even good things can be taken too far The seasonal tale lacks the heart of earlier installations although I suppose young children will still find delight in this book.

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    How I would love a penguin named Percy as my postman

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    Very sweet story, I like the way nephew helped his uncle, it was really nice and very kind of him.Burst out laughing when Mr Slow opened his Christmas gift in New Year s Eve XDEnjoyed the story a lot, this series is really lovely _

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    Why was this one in first person Every other Mr Men book was in third person It made this book very jarring.

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    I didn t realise that Mr Hargreaves was still going.

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    Gorgeous little festive adventure I really loved Wizard Winterbottom s transport solution, the sunrise picture and the presents Mr Christmas got for the Mr Men Too cute

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    3.5 stars

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    Father Christmas enlists the help of his nephew Mr Christmas to deliver presents to the Mr Men.

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    Cute little book While it was a present for my dad I couldn t help but read it too.

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