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Blue Pills:A Positive Love Story From one of Europe s most celebrated young comics artists, a deeply personal story that will resonate with all who have chosen to love in the face of great challenges One summer night at a house party, Fred met Cati Though they barely spoke, he vividly remembered her gracefulness and abandon They meet again years later, and this time their connection is instantaneous But when things become serious, a nervous Cati tells him that she and her three year old son are both HIV positive With great beauty and economy, Peeters traces the development of their intimacy and their revelatory relationship with a doctor whose affection and frankness allow them to fully realize their passionate connection

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    I have pretty mixed feelings about this book I know that some of it stems from having higher expectations than what I actually got It wasn t strictly bad, but I don t know that I enjoyed it that much.First off, I didn t like the art and found it very off putting from page one It really just didn t do a lot for me visually, which can make it pret

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    His eyes are huge Tremendous balls of a beautiful fury of life Vibrant with hope and wonder, completely without guile They are set in his face like saucers from space Only identifiable at all because they hover so serenely with no intentions toward darting or flight He looks into you And about you And through you He is amazing And you have romant

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    An autobiographical comic about a young man who learns his girlfriend and her young son are HIV The relationships between Fred and his gf, his friends, and especially the little boy are sweet and feel true, and the art is really good His ink is fluid but nevertheless conveys a great deal of information That said, the language often feels clunky an

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    Frederik Peeters tells the story of his relationship with his wife Cati and her 3 year old son, both of whom are HIV positive He meets Cati years after meeting her for the first time to find that since their last meeting she has had a child, been divorced, and contracted AIDS This doesn t stop him from being with her but we learn of the obstacles t

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    Fantastic autobiographical comic about author Frederik Peeters and his relationship with his HIV positive girlfriend and her son Very moving, intense, and an over all wonderful comic about the lengths one will endure for love The graphics were neat and Craig Thompson esque I especially loved the mammoth near the end when i look backward, i have the

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    An interesting graphic novel Something different than what I usually pick up and I enjoyed it Based on the authors relationship with his HIV positive girlfriend and son Beautiful love story and how nothing can stand in the way of true love.

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    Blue Pills was an escape from my busy life to a life where someone is suffering from HIV The story was about a man and his girlfriend who live together, but the woman has HIV She takes pills that are blue to help her disease They have a child together, and the child is HIV positive Throughout the novel, the man explains the everyday troubles they go t

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    This graphic memoir tells the story of how the author, Fred, met Cati at a party Time passes They meet again, and this time connect As their relationship deepens, Cati tells Fred that she and her three year old son are HIV positive Relationships between people are ever so personal, and yet there are universal themes we can all relate to I really liked

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    If I could give this 3.5 stars I would I thought the romance between the main characters was sweet and kind, and I loved the Swedish doctor character I m not sure if something was lost in the translation, but a lot of the language seems pretty overwrought, and the mammoth bit had me sighing out loud Still, I would recommend it to anybody who s a fan of

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    Frederik Peeters artistA semi autobiographical tale about the relationship between a comic artist and a woman with a young son, both of whom are HIV positive A simple, human tale told with a deft touch.4 5

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