You Are Not Alone: Teens Talk About Life After the Loss of

You Are Not Alone: Teens Talk About Life After the Loss of a Parent Words of reassurance and strategies for coping with the loss of a parent, by the director of the nation s largest bereavement camp for childrenLoss is one of the most isolating experiences there is, and kids who have lost a parent feel especially different than those around them Comfort Zone Camp was founded as a safe place for grieving children, and now this very special healing experience can reach an even larger audience of children and the people who care for them Through frank and accessible testimonials, Lynne Hughes and the kids of CZC share the most difficult parts of their losses and offer their own experiences of what helps, what doesn t, what stinks, and ways to stay connected to their loved ones The CZC team con d

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    You Are Not Alone is a book written for young adults, but would be enjoyable for adults to read, too The story focuses on how young adults deal with parental loss and offers different strategies for people to cope and become stronger after experiencing a significant loss in their lives The author Lynne B Hughes parents, unfortunately, passed away when s

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    This book was good but it wasn t the best The whole book is about kids loosing their parents or talking about how they feel when they lost their parent.

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    One of those wonderful books that makes you think I wish I read this sooner Completely relatable and beautifully and clearly written this book is a must read for anyone who has experienced grief and loss first hand A beautiful book that i wish i had read before now.

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    There are some very touching, helpful stories here, but it s REALLY redundant Not one to read cover to cover, but not one to pass up completely It is targeted toward teens, but I think it has something to offer anyone who has suffered the loss of a parent, regardless of age.

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    Filled with touching stories I cried at every pages, literally And very helpful too Nice.

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