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One Shenandoah Winter One Shenandoah Winter Read Author T Davis Bunn Capitalsoftworks.co.uk An Eccentric Old Man Is Dying Of Cancer, And His Painfully Proud Daughter Must Ask An Embittered Doctor For Help In This Moving Story Of Sacrifice, Sorrow, And Redemption, A Quiet Town In The Shenandoah Valley And The Powerful City Of Washington D.C Become The Settings For A Story Of Personal Healing And Renewed Faith Written By A Beloved And Best Selling Author, One Shenandoah Winter Is A Heart Touching Novella That Reveals The True Meaning Of Christmas.

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    What I just may ve loved about this little hardback book the most The illustrations Nice, soft, cozy ones in gray hues, spread throughout the pages Who says adults aren t supposed to get a kick out of books

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    I think I would describe this book as a celebration of life and of death I enjoyed the Appalachian background and references to people who lived humbly, but with strength of character It was about accepting life, and

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    This is a great book with true to life characters I would love to meet them This book was copyright in 1998 but I just discovered it I m pleased Bunn wrote displaying the Lord throughout the book It is refreshi...

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    T Davis Bunn is one amazing author He painted the most a wonderful pictures of the Shenandoah valley people s life It made me want to live in that time eventho the times werehard than we can imagine A wond...

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    A heartwarming The story warmed my heart with gut wrenching honesty about inner struggles and simple mountain wisdom and genuine love The book ably weaved stories of failure and triumph, grief and rejoicing, and loss and gain into a very enjoyable

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    Heart warming Full of love, changes for the good, and God I loved this book I wish it would ve never ended.

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    This is another book I almost removed from my to read list because when I reread my review of Prayers of a Stranger I saw that I had given that book only 2 stars and had said that Bunn was an author I would not be inspired to read again I m glad I disregarded that an

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    This novel is set in a small town in the Shenandoah Valley early in the 1960s The town of Hillsboro has been without a doctor for almost 3 years and the nearest hospital is at least 40 miles away over winding back roads In this community many of the residents do not have phone

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    This book had so much potential but fell short in many ways I was looking for a book to read in front of my wood burning stove that would bring feelings of comfort and warmth during this holiday season This book had the foundation for greatness poor character development was at the roo.

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    This Christian novella really hit the spot for me right now The author presented the beauty and majesty of nature in such a wonderful way He also represented mountain people in a very sympathetic manner that wasn t overdone I enjoyed this book and have also read other works by this author that I

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