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High-Risk Reunion / Millionaire's Last Stand High Risk Reunion by Gail BarrettRedemption is but a step away for reformed jewel thief Rafael Navarro The price One last, dangerous heist But when things turn deadly and an innocent is accused, his only way out is to trust the woman who once betrayed himEons ago, heiress Gabrielle Ferrer had broken Rafael s heart to save his life Now that her covert quest for revenge against a ruthless criminal has taken a lethal turn, they are forced to work together to clear their names of murder Old attractions and new desires flare yet the secrets of their dark pasts may lead to a fatal future Millionaire s Last Stand by Elle KennedyThere are plenty of people in Serenade with motive to murder Teresa Donovan But no one doubts that her estranged husband, Cole, killed her No one except FBI profiler Jamie Crawford Though their electrifying attraction threatens her objectivity, Jamie s unerring gut tells her the magnetic tycoon is innocentCole s disastrous marriage has shattered his trust But in Jamie s alluring presence, his protective armor melts away Now, as their mutual fascination ignites into a mind melting attraction, a killer is targeting Jamie And Cole will risk anything to protect the woman who s restored his shattered heart

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About the Author: Gail Barrett

The nuns in my Catholic elementary school always said that each of us has a gift, a reason we were put here on earth Our job is to discover what that purpose is Well, I knew early on that I was meant to be a writer Who else would spend her childhood grinding sparkling rocks into fairy dust and convince her friends it was real Or daydream her way through elementary school, spend high school reading philosophy and playing the bagpipes, and then head off to Spain during college to live the writer s life After four years in Madrid I straggled back home, broke but fluent in Spanish, and discovered that I d acquired a marketable skill So instead of writing, I began teaching Spanish I also married a Coast Guard Officer and followed him around the country as he rescued ships and saved lives.The years passed We had two sons I earned my master s degree and continued teaching, which I really enjoyed We met interesting people and acquired a quirky dog.But the desire to write kept lurking in my mind That was my dream, what I knew I d been destined to do and yet, I had never done it Then one day I made a decision If I wanted to become a published author, I had to stop fantasizing about writing and actually do it.So I began my first book and discovered that writing a saleable novel was much harder than I d dreamed Fortunately, I inherited a healthy dose of Irish stubbornness, a strong mid western work ethic and a love of challenges that helped me persevere.So here I am at last, just as the nuns instructed and right where I hoped I would be writing stories about characters struggling along their own paths of self discovery I hope you enjoy their journey home.

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