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Cold Fire There is an alternate cover edition hereDaja and Frostpine expect to have a peaceful winter s visit with old friends in Kugisko, a port in the vast empire of Namon But there is no peace when mysterious fires begin to blaze across the vulnerable city Daja assists Bennat Ladradun, a local firefighter with a tragic past, to fight the flames The two become fast friends until they realize the fires have been deliberately set, and their relationship is deeply tested Daja s magic helps her track down the firestarter, but no magic can protect her or Ben from the effects of madness and betrayal

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    Dudes This book is MESSED UP I kind of can t even believe how disturbing it is.I mean, I m positive that I ve read books whereobjectively disturbing things have happened, but there s something about the combination of what happens in this book mixed in with the fact that it takes place in a book aimed at pre teens, and also, just the way

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    I love Daja, and I was hoping I d love this book, but it was almost like Pierce just couldn t be bothered to write something engaging This book isabout Ben than it is about Daja she s strangely absent from her own story, despite the fact that we spend so much time with her The strong point about Street Magic was the relationship between Br

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    Quick GR Review Cold Fire reads on the slow side The first half ischaracter driven, and the plot keeps a low profile until the second half The second half is great Daja is a sturdy, considerate character, but is too normal for my taste At least she has her magic and willingness to dive into flames going for her Some of those scenes are epic

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    I used my study hall to finish this rather than my math homework because I have my priorities straight Those priorities are Daja Kisubo.I think I m just really enjoying the grounded, sensible magic of this universe being explored as the characters journey out into the world away from their familiar home Magic Steps wasn t as big of a change

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    Daja and Frostpine are working in the snowy city of Kugisko when a rash of devastating fires breaks out The structure of this quartet remains formulaic, but this installment is surprisingly good The setting, fire against snow in a well defined woodworked city, is evocative the plot is simplistic but the characters are not gracelessly in the a

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    Third in The Circle Opens fantasy series for middle grade readers and seventh in the Emelan Universe revolving around four magically gifted children The focus in Cold Fire is on Daja as she travels with Frostpine through the empire of Namorn They are currently staying in Kugisko on Kadsaep Island.If you re interested, there is a chronological

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    We find Daja in Namon a place so cold that the primary form of travel is ice skating for much of the year Daja is completely caught up in helping the twins, whose magic she just discovered, to harness and control their powers when house fires begin to mysteriously becomeandfrequent She begins to work closely with local firefighting expert, Benn

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    UUUGGGHHH SO GOOD Warning for spoilers Despite their being somewhat one dimensional, having two unapologetic lady villains in the previous two stories was refreshing BUT it was really amazing for this story to complicate everything with a villain that started pretty morally grey and then descended into scary town, and all from his own POV It was

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    I really enjoyed this book I like how Daja was receiving training on how to ice skate I thought that is was funny how she would go crashing into the snowbank, and then melt all the snow with her body heat I like how she realized that Jory and Nia had magic as well I like how she was able to help the little village with their fire problems I am gl

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