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Lady Knight (Protector of the Small, #4) In The Final Thrilling Installment Of Tamora Pierce S Protector Of The Small SeriesFirst Test, Page, And Squire , Our Sturdy Young Heroine, Keladry Of Mindelan Aka Kel , Has Finally Been Knighted Never One To Rest On Her Laurels, Kel Champs At The Bit, Ready To Tackle The Horrific Magic Killing Devices She Was Shown In The Chamber Of The Ordeal During Her Knighthood Initiation The Huge, Insectlike Machines, Made Of Iron Coated Giants Bones, Chains, Pulleys, Dagger Fingers And Toes, And A Long Whiplike Tail, Feed On The Souls Of Dead Children And Are Systematically Killing Off The Citizens And Warriors Of TortallThoroughly Disgusted To Discover That Not Only Is She Not Going To Be Assigned A Combat Post, But She Has Been Placed In Charge Of A Refugee Camp Instead, Kel, In Her Usual Noble, Stoic Way, Swallows Her Disappointment And Sets Out Being The Best Refugee Camp Commander Possible Of Course, Destiny Has A Way Of Sneaking Up On A Young Woman Like Kel, And Soon She Is Fulfilling The Ordeal The Chamber Set Out For Her And Then Some Tamora Pierce Once Again Draws Her Legions Of Fans Into Her Story, Blending Humor, Pathos, Exhilarating Battles, And Gripping Drama With A Very Real, Very Appealing Protagonist It S Easy To Make War Appear Black And White, A Matter Of Good Versus Evil Pierce Finds The Shades Of Gray AgesAnd OlderEmilie Coulter

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    I m going to make a statement which I probably will contradict in the future because I ll forget and which likely contradicts something I ve previously said and forgotten.Keladry of Mindelan is my favorite Tamora Pierce heroine.I thought for a long time while reading this book about that statement,

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    If Alanna is Dana Scully petite, sharp tongued, redheaded quick with a weapon, and with a penchant for shadowy corners and impossible quests , Kel is a much less exuberant Leslie Knope hardworking, dedicated to civil service, willing to put in the work to make a difference in her community I ll always lov

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    Buddy reread w Monica 2 1 15 2 4 15.This book was a beast.You cannot top Tamora Pierce in YA fantasy I don t care what anyone says, they are wrong Now you can argue which series of hers is best or even which protagonist the constant debate between Monica I Alanna or Kel but you cannot argue her brilliance.This

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    It s been a very Tamora Pierce week I reread all the Kel books, two of the Alanna books, and now I m filling in the gaps between post earthquake Tortall and Kel s Tortall with the first Daine book Anyway, I don t have a lot to say about this I first read it years ago, and it was never my favorite Kel book There are r

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Sadly this book is not my favorite of the series But it deserves an extra half a star or so since the series in general is strong.I love Kel and her compassion for the small I love her nickname Protector of the Small I always am incensed when I

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    Given the past week s events, it s been especially nice to escape into a fantasy realm where knights risk their lives to defend refugees.Side note I wish Goodreads had a way to track re reads of books, because I ve been returning to this one since sixth grade.

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    This book was pretty unputdownable pretty action packed from beginning to end Thinking back, there actually wasn t that much action at the beginning per se, but there s a sort of divine prophecy that starts to book off, so even when not much is happening there s still this level of expectation I had so much empathy for Kel and everyon

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    Okay, let s see if I can explain how much I love this book without giving away the plot.I frequently tell people that I can t choose a single favorite book in this quartet each is dear to me in its own way, for its own reasons each is different enough that, really, I can t quite compare them Lady Knight is one of my favorite novels not for

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    Wow What a finale for such an amazing series Lady Knight had to be my favorite book in the Protector of the Small series although Squire was right up there too The rest of the series interlaced the positive with the negative, offering the ups and downs of a kingdom on the brink of, and eventually in the midst of, war with the Scanrans Tortall s b

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    Kel goes through her Ordeal, and comes out a knight but a knight with a mission She s been given a vision of the abominations being created to attack Tortall, and she wants to pursue the vision immediately Instead, she s ordered to command a refugee camp She hardly knows where to begin, but her years with Lord Raoul pay off, and she quickly gains the r

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