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Once a Playboy-- Love in free fall Adrenalin junkie aristocrat George Somers is used to relationships as short and as sweet as the thrills he seeks But when an accident puts him in the care of physiotherapist and single mom Serena James, being bed bound suddenly seems than appealing George may be a risk taker but letting Serena and her little boy into his heart will be his biggest challenge yet

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    I liked this, I want to say that first.But unless I have a drastic misunderstanding of british paparazzi, I can t really envision a local baron s son and heir, being the subject of them on a regular basis I don t know That one element kept tugging me away from what was otherwise a really lov

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    Suave, sophisticated and oh so sexy aristocrat George Somers is a daring thrill chaser who is at his happiest when he is jumping out of planes or throwing himself off a cliff An extreme sports enthusiast whose reputation as a playboy is legendary, George s romantic exploits are regularly splashed

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    ONCE A PLAYBOY by author Kate Hardy is a Harlequin Mills Boon Medical series release for September 2012.George Somers is an adrenaline junkie who is bed bound after an accident Helping him back to his feet, physiotherapist Serena James deflects all his attempt at flirting with her.Though Serena feels at

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