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Paradise Lost John Milton S Paradise Lost Is One Of The Greatest Epic Poems In The English Language It Tells The Story Of The Fall Of Man, A Tale Of Immense Drama And Excitement, Of Rebellion And Treachery, Of Innocence Pitted Against Corruption, In Which God And Satan Fight A Bitter Battle For Control Of Mankind S Destiny The Struggle Rages Across Three Worlds Heaven, Hell, And Earth As Satan And His Band Of Rebel Angels Plot Their Revenge Against God At The Center Of The Conflict Are Adam And Eve, Who Are Motivated By All Too Human Temptations But Whose Ultimate Downfall Is Unyielding Love.Marked By Milton S Characteristic Erudition, Paradise Lost Is A Work Epic Both In Scale And, Notoriously, In Ambition For Nearly 350 Years, It Has Held Generation Upon Generation Of Audiences In Rapt Attention, And Its Profound Influence Can Be Seen In Almost Every Corner Of Western Culture P 2009 Tantor

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    in middle school i had seen this book lying around the house and for some reason it struck me as very impressive i didn t ever want to read it but i wanted to give off the impression that i was the type of person who would read it i did this with a few other books too catcher in the rye, on the road, ect i carried it t

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    There s all this debate over why Satan is so appealing in Paradise Lost Did Milton screw up Is he being cynical, or a double secret atheist And why is God such a dick But no one asks whether, say, Shakespeare screwed up in making Iago so much fun they just give him credit for writing an awesome villain And that s all Milton s do

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    Portions of this book were assigned for my Brit Lit class I read about half of the assigned portions I was distracted at the time by various events in life and wasn t yet a very good student My professor had done his PhD work on Milton and taught with a contagious passion So much passion that I decided, after the discussion was over, to b

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    When I think of Milton s epic poem about Satan and his fall from grace, I most frequently think of two anecdotes apart from the actual work, brilliant and a foundation of modern literature as it is.First, I recall the scene from Animal House, when Donald Sutherland begins a smarmy, condescendingly pretentious question to his class about Milton s in

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    Fuck your misogyny Fuck your scorning Greek gods as false gods, then using its mythology left and right as metaphors Fuck your punishing the serpent when You knew it was possessed by Satan Fuck Ah, forget it.

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    Milton wrote this while blind, and claimed it was the result of divine inspiration which visited him nightly There are few texts that could reasonably be added into the Bible, and this is certainly one of them the Divine Comedy is another Paradise Lost outlines portions of the Bible which, thanks to its haphazard combination of mythic stories, are never fully explored

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    What does the word Paradise signifies to a human being Is it the state of blissfulness which one acknowledges in life owing to the absence of all fears as can be experienced in this dwelling place of ours Or is it an actual place somewhere in heaven which is the ultimate goal that humans wish to achieve As a child, I had a profound belief in the idea of God and heaven too Yes,

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    Is Satan coming Are we in the End of Days Is the Earth heating, under the Sun s Rays Is it all make believe, manipulation, or true Why on this wonderful Earth, is everybody blue Are we in the Rapture Impending Doom Lightening strikes, sink holes and thunderous sonic boomsEbola and earth quakes, hurricanes and tornadoes tooNow I can see why we are feeling blueForest fires, tsunamis, land

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    I need a new reading challenge, something big and something bold thus, I ve decided to tackle this behemoth of poetry.This one might take me a while.

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    Book Review3.5 out of 5 stars for Paradise Lost, the first of a two book series, written in 1667 by John Milton I ve only read the first book in this series, but would like to read the second piece at some point These are epic poems telling of the battle between Satan and God for control over the human soul It s truly an introspective piece, as I believe Milton threw so much of himself, as well as people in

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