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Miracle at Colts Run Cross / Nick of Time Miracle at Colts Run Cross by Joanna WayneNick Ridgely prided himself on his controlbut nothing prepared him for that phone call When Nick discovered his twin boys had been kidnapped, he vowed to do whatever it took to get them backeven if that meant facing his ex wife and the attraction he thought he buried months agoHaving her ex husband back in her life was not what Becky Collingsworth asked Santa for this year Determined to remain guarded, Becky worked with Nick to find their sons But what would she do about the onslaught of emotions she still felt for her irresistible ex Nick of Time by Elle JamesNick St Claire had come to North Pole, Alaska, with a few questions for Santa, only Claus had gone AWOL Clearly, someone was trying to ruin the holidays, though the clever cowboy never had much use for them Until he met Mary ChristmasSanta s only child, Mary, was left to tend shop in his absence suddenly making her a killer s next target Nick volunteered to protect her, but he was also a stranger, with a bundle of his own not so saintly secrets Could Mary enlighten him on the joys of the season, or would a missing Santa squash her holiday spirit

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    I really liked this book Becky and Nick are almost divorced but he gets hurt in a football game and then their two boys are kidnapped The team up together to get them back along with all the Collingworth family.They find each other again and work out their differences Another good read from Joanna I will finished this series

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