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Wolf Creek Alpha Can a witch accept that she s the mate to an alpha werewolf Rafe loves her deeply, now he has to convince herVisiting her friend in the small east Texas town of Wolf Creek, Lisa is shocked when she learns that shifters are real, and even shocked when a light Fae warrior informs her she s a witch But this is just the beginning of her journey Werewolves, shifters, light and dark Fae creatures Who knew She d always been a little intuitive, a little bit different But wasn t everyone Rafe is the alpha of the east Texas pack and according to him, her mate Keeping his new mate safe from an evil Fae will take the strength of his pack and the help of their magical friends The Queen of Faery gave all shifters the ability to change their mates in the enchanted water Lisa will have to decide if she wants to enter the water with Rafe and make the change to be come a werewolf and be his mate forever

About the Author: Jo Ellen

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Wolf Creek Alpha book, this is one of the most wanted Jo Ellen author readers around the world.

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    Wellthis was honestly very hard to read.I m a huge fan of paranormal, fantasy, romance stories, so put it all together I was excited to pick up this book.Pros Strong male lead Flawed female lead in a good way, she had some snarky moments I appreciated but she wasn t afraid to admit that she could be a chicken Attractive supporting crew Interesting story conceptCons Okay str

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    It s ok.This book wasn t quite what I expected, the synopsis sounded interesting although I m not generally a fan of the fae I still decided to give it a try and while the idea in itself was ok the writing let it down, I suspect that this is the author s first book and I don t want to be too critical but I would suggest that before she adds any dialects to her books she does some r

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    I really wanted to love this book, but there was just too much going on to follow I like a complex read, but this was all over the place at times I had to have my full focus on reading to not get lost.The characters were kind of one dimensional I wasn t getting a ton from them I did like Lisa and all her sass I liked her banter with Rafe, most of the time For some reason I just wasn t vibi

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    2.5 starsdisappointed in this one, as a paid for book off my wish list the blur sounded good, its been sitting on the list for a while, so after my birthday I bought it.Lisa, on a visit to her friend, finds out about shifters, and magic, and that SHE has magic She is part Fae Rafe is the Alpha of the pack that guards the magic pond Someone wants the pond, or rather, they are after Lisa, in a round

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    Another great free book While the writing style was a little rough a couple of instances where the story telling of two different perspectives for the same time was a little weird the story was really good and will be looking intofrom this author.

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    This was a free kindle book and a pleasant surprise The authors style was a bit rough and even though the story didn t flow it was a great read.

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    For the sake of charity, I am going to assume this author published a first draft and dispensed with the cost of a professional editor It s a great pity that people, evidently bored stiff when their teachers attempted to teach grammar, decide as adults to become writers without taking remedial grammar classes Or at the very least, pay for a professional editor who would let the author know, in no uncertain terms, that no

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    Nice idea butWorst written story I ve read to date I like the script I will even say I liked the charactersThat being said, that is ALL I liked The author s use of had in every other sentence, switching between first and third person and basically writing as if talking ruined this one for me For a tale of an alpha and his pack, it lacks any real challenge building to a climax let alone any detailed fighting or shifting The only

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    When Lisa arrives to visit her best friend, never in her wildest dream would she imagine that she would find out she is the mate to sexy alpha shifter Rafe Rafe knows Lisa is human and would ordinarily take a bit of time to romance her but with a prophecy announcing a dark fae attack coming, he has to speed things up Lisa finds out she has magic in her blood and is a witch, coming to terms that she is a mate, witch, and someone is out t

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    Not only shifters, but fae fairies and witches as well, add to that a good plot and narration style, and you cannot go wrong with this book.Although the language is sometimes very simple, fairy tale like, on the whole it is adequate and keeps the reader glued to the book The plot surprised me a bit, as it was not the usual human meets shifter and falls in love leading to mainly sex scenes, but apart from the two protagonists falling for each ot

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