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Stories Old and New: A Ming Dynasty Collection Stories Old and New is the first complete translation of Feng Menglong s Gujin xiaoshuo also known as Yushi mingyan, Illustrious Words to Instruct the World , a collection ofshort stories first published inin China This is considered the best of Feng s three such collections and was a pivotal work in the development of vernacular fiction The stories are valuable as examples of early fiction and for their detailed depiction of daily life among a broad range of social classes The stories are populated by scholars and courtesans, spirits and ghosts, Buddhist monks and nuns, pirates and emperors, and officials both virtuous and corrupt The streets and abodes of late Ming China come alive in Shuhui Yang and Yunqin Yang s smooth and colorful translation of these entertaining talesStories Old and New has long been popular in China and has been published there in numerous editions Although some of the stories have appeared in English translations in journals and anthologies, they have not previously been presented sequentially in thematic pairs as arranged by Feng Menglong This unabridged translation, illustrated with a selection of woodcuts from the original Ming dynasty edition and including Feng s interlinear notes and marginal comments, as well as all of the verse woven throughout the text, allows the modern reader to experience the text as did its first audience nearly four centuries ago

About the Author: Feng Menglong

Feng Menglong 1574 1646 was a Chinese vernacular writer and poet of the late Ming Dynasty.Most of his literary work was in editing and compiling histories, almanacs and novels Two of his noteworthy novels are Qing Shi and the shenmo work Pingyao Zhuan In 1620 he published the Illustrious Words to Instruct the World Yushi Mingyan , or Stories Old and New.Feng was a proponent of the school of Li Zhi, which supported the importance of human feelings and behavior in literature He is frequently associated with Ling Mengchu, author of Slapping the Table in Amazement.Feng Menglong was in love with a famous prostitute when he was young Unfortunately, Feng Menglong was not able to afford to redeem his lover out At the end, his lover was redeemed by a merchant, and they had to leave each other Feng Menglong suffered from pain and desperation due to the separation, and he expressed his sorrow through poems This experience influenced the way he portrayed female characters in his stories In fact, Feng Menglong was one of the few authors who portrayed female as being strong and intelligent and this is different from other authors, where they tended to ignore the importance of female s position The female characters in Feng Menglong s stories were portrayed as brave and bright when dealing with different situations For instance, in his story Wan Xiuniang Takes Revenge Through Toy Pavilions from Jing Shi Tong Yan, Wan Xiuniang showed her braveness during her tough times, and she was able to escape using her intelligence Other female characters, such as Miss Du Shi Niang and Qu Xiuxiu, are example to show Feng Menglong s respect to female.Feng Menglong expressed his attitudes towards the society through his works, and the reason was tightly related to his experience during his career Feng Menglong became a local officer in Shouning in his sixties He pursued justice and wished to build up his reputation by acting as an honest and upright official Unfortunately, he was born in a time of corruption bribery and extortion were common bureaucratic behaviors, and they opposed the principle of Feng Menglong Realizing that atmosphere of corruption could not be easily changed, Feng Menglong conveyed his discontent and patriotism through words Each character of his stories has strong and direct characteristics there is a clear morality line drawn between good and bad Moreover, the meaning behind the stories explores the social issues during Ming Dynasty For instance, the story The White Maiden Locked for Eternity in Leifeng Pagoda and The Young Lady Gives the Young Man a Gift of Money from Jing Shi Tong Yan express the idea of how women pursue their freedom and happiness under a feudal society.

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    A full translation of Feng Menglong s San Yan is totally unbelievable This is the first volume of 40 stories and 794 pages long I started reading it back in November but had to stop reading it when I hurt my wrist as it was to

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    Klare Worte, um die Welt zu erhellenDer Freund, der viele Lebensjahre f r seinen gefangenen Freund hingibt die Zusammenf hrung einer Ehe ber vier Ecken und viele Verwirrungen der Weg eines Taoisten hin zur Unsterblichkeit entgegen de

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    The forty stories in this collection are thematically paired, and each typically begins with a poem and a sort of prologue story before launching into the main narrative The prologue story often ends abruptly, leaving the reader wanting , w

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    Yup, a fascinating read A great introduction to the beliefs and culture of the Chinese in the Ming Dynasty I was particularly interested in the social s and the keen Chinese belief in the supernatural, both of which are amply represented in these

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    I think this is the first book that exposed me to smut stories

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