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10 thoughts on “Just Before the War with the Eskimos

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    In Just before the War with Eskimos I liked how they showed Ginnie s ability to change At the beginning she cared only about her needs and wasn t putting Selena s point of view into perspective As she associated with Franklin and Eric she began to come to her senses and realize that she does not need that money from Selena that bad Franklin taught her about what it

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    I thought J.D Salinger s Just before the War with the Eskimos to be a intriguing story about connection and rejection in relationships and in society J.D used a lot of symbolism in the story When Ginnie met Franklin and he was disheveled, bleeding out, and bad mouthing Ginnie s sister Joan I found the symbolism there was that he was not just physically in pain but e

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    I m a sucker for a good casual conversation about nothing pertaining to the outside world The dialogue is outstanding, as I ve begun to notice, in Salinger s work Simply a well sculpted conversation about a bloody finger and a little backstory of the character s life of course, it opens with two girls playing tennis, but I see the main plot being the conversation Tho

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    This short was very fun to read All of the characters were delightfully eccentric and some were even flat out contradictory.

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    Overall I thought the story was alright The story shows the the troubles of rejection Franklin was rejected by Ginnies sister and also rejected from the war due to his heart condition The story does escalate into much and doesn t have much of a climax in my opinion It was just like reading about a normal interaction between two people.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I found this short story by Salinger to be absolutely rife with timeless meaning and symbolism In the text, Salinger shows us the frailty that can be a boy s transition into being a man He shows us the fear of rejection, and how that fear can linger without end when we don t address the root

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    I m giving it 4 stars because this sounded like a really nice first chapter of a book that I wish I could read the rest of

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    I didn t like this that much when I read it, but it has sort of seeded itself in my mind, and theI think about it theinteresting it is.

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    I officially give up on literary short stories Even when written by authors like Salinger that I otherwise enjoy, literary short stories don t tend to seem either very deep or engaging Salinger s short stories, in particular, seem to be about nothing and this one is no exception So why two stars instead of one I guess there wasn t really much about Just Before the War with

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    I got this from the author s Nine Stories.This is one of those stories which you wantfrom, and not in the good way no, this is a story which ends much to quickly, evidently making it feel like the first pages of an abandoned manuscript.There is a very nice little article about themes and such pertaining to this story, if not bringing me over, at least made me aware of the m

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