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A Treasure of the Heart The next book in the RDI challenge I liked the book and theme of changing careers in the middle of life. I thought this was a very cute story The main character believes that she never wants to be married based on other family divorces and feeling scared of relationships But she meets someone who also is shy about marriage, as his first one ended in divorcebut not negotiated by him He shows a mature, real side of his personality and wins her heart through adventure and near death Happy Endings in this one A wonderful read Beautifully written and outstanding story line. The main characters were likable the backup ones not so much the kidnapping storyline added nothing to the book felt like drama for dramas sake another quick, easy, lite readi like that there was a little mystery involved, both in the characters pasts, and outside of that Harley riding pastor and home town girl back from the big city hit it off Scary things are happening at the new church property Does it have to do with the past Kind of lame, could be my frame of mind, but it wrapped up too neatly at the end. still cute Hansen, Valerie A sweet Christian story about two people wary of falling in love due past relationships. When Lillie Delaney s life in the big city didn t work out, she headed home to Gumption, Arkansas, longing for the peaceful predictability of the tiny town Not to mention the proximity of the grandmother who d raised her Yet Lillie was in for a shock her grandfather had taken off with a younger woman and her grandmother running around in a pink shower cap wasn t handling it very well So Lillie turned to town pastor James Warner, only to find a very handsome motorcycle riding rebel in a black leather jacket But she was beginning to learn that the Lord did indeed work in very mysterious ways

About the Author: Valerie Hansen

Valerie Hansen is the pen name of Valerie Whisenand Librarian Note There isthan one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread forinformation.Although I have been a published author since the mid 1980s, I have been writing women s Christian fiction almost exclusively since 1999 There is a longer,detailed bio on my website so there s no need for me to repeat all that here Right now, I write for all three Love Inspired lines, Romance, Suspense and Historical I m delighted to have been included that broadly and besides, it keeps me so busy that I stay out of trouble Well, mostly.You ll find me on the LI Historical blog as well as other LI features If I try to do muchI won t have time to write my books

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