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Hell, Fire & Freedom For the last five years, Brynn Langley has lived her own version of Hell on Earth Married to her abusive husband, Carl, in an attempt to give her sister a better life than the one she had, she s finally reached her breaking point Escaping is the only way to save her life Can she find the freedom she s dreamed of forever, or will everything go up in smoke Blaze Prescott, one of New York s finest, falls hard and fast for Brynn, the beautiful brunette he meets in the coffee shop He knows there s to her story than what she s letting on, but can he handle Brynn s past and give her hope for a brighter future, or is the heat too much for even this sexy firefighter to handle word count ,

About the Author: Shannon Callahan

Shannon Callahan is a wife and a mother of three beautiful girls, who is living in a small city in Canada She spends her days homeschooling, and playing princesses, and her nights reading and writing romance novels.

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    I did enjoy the whole story of this one an abused wife running from her sadistic, violent husband to hide in the obscurity of a big city The abuse side of this was all handled very well, the systematic abuse over the years and the final decision to get away and the execution all very well handled There s great world building too all the scenes lived vividly in my imagination.It fell down a little for me as I felt I was cons

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I was expectingfrom this book Maybe too much and it didn t deliver It was not bad, but I have many issuesFirst, I don t get how a woman after 5 years of hell beatings, rape, mental torture, can even look at another man How can she even contemplate kissing a man Not to speak about getting in bed with him But that s what Brynn does She d escaped, tr

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    About a year ago my mother in law, the lovely woman that she is, bought my husband and me a Nespresso maker It s like having your own personal Starbucks at home Just pop in a little capsule, fill your milk container, add a little sugar, press one tiny button and voila You ve got yourself a little sip of heaven My husband has always been vehemently against coffee in any form Yes, I do realize that there must be some major malfun

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    Brynn has suffered abuse from her husband Carl for five long years, so that her sister would be fed and safe Bryn and her sister grew up poor with a mother who spent all her money on alcohol instead of food So when Brynn met Carl and he started to take care of Marie Brynn s sister and Brynn, she thought she was in love and agreed to marry Carl and leave After a particular bad beating Carl comes home with jewelry for Bryn and she

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    I had the privilege of being asked by Shannon to read and review this book This is her Debut Novel.This book was Hot, Suspenseful, You all need to Meet Blaze Brynn lives her life married to an abusive husband, all to hopefully give her sister a better life At the age of 17 she agreed to marry Carl because he promised to provide food and pay the bills for her sister and mother She lives a secluded life with Carl not allowed to see a

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    If I could give this bookthan 5 stars I would What sold me on this book was the cover I mean seriouslywho can resist a fireman Just the outfit can make a normal man into a sex god Unlike some books that don t live up to the promise of their cover I cannot tell you enough how much I adored Hell, Fire, Freedom I feel as if it s been forever since I had a book grab my attention this hard From page 1 I was enthralled by the character of

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    I enjoyed this book The hero, Blaze is a firefighter that s inherited his father s lucrative personal protection company He also rides a Harley So I think the author covered every woman s oooo spot But he s a great alpha male, protective, but not overbearing The heroine is broken, but Blaze is easy to trust If you like Kristen Ashley book, I think you d like this books I love the relationship between sisters in this book as well Just p

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    Loved me some Blaze Prescott Oh, and the story was pretty fantastic too Just had to reread this one Loved it just as much the second time around

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    Absolutley loved this book I was on the edge of my seat the whole time reading it Can t wait for the next one.

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    or 3.5 Story about abuse, running way and starting a new life It s an easy read would recommend

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