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Silver Fruit Upon Silver Trees It would be easy, Eve told Sophie.All she had to do was to go to Trinidad and pretend to be the granddaughter of the wealthy Brandt St Vincente for four weeks and the money she needed would be hers.But when Sophie met the disturbing Edge St Vincente, who thought she was his niece, and fell in love with him, she realized that perhaps it wasn t going to be that simple after all. This one had an interesting and different story set up The girl masquerades as her best friend to meet the best friend s long lost family because the other girl had somewhere else she wanted to be She told the heroine Sophie that the grandfather was dying Turns out the bf lied and had ulterior motives That s a shocker in HP land Still the interesting part is that Sophie falls in love with Edge who is supposedly her uncle.I would have enjoyed it if Edge had begun to fall in love with this girl he thought was his niece, think of the angst But somehow he knew all along that she wasn t And it never explained how he knew This oldie also had a lot of the story with the hero and heroine not interacting The story focused mostly on the heroine s journey both within herself and without, we learned a lot about Trinidad which is fairly normal for HPs of this vintage. Just can t resist these older classic HP gems A devious plot of switched identity leaves Sophie posing as Eve on the island of Trindad Exotic location and a wonderful tropical beat have her wanting to relax But the watchful sexy uncle Edge leaves her on alert The name Edge says it sexy handsome dangerous man that you can t help but want.Sophie comes to realize that there are so many things Eve didn t tell her about her family and what Eve really wants Sophie is so sweet that tricking these people is starting to make her emotional mess plus she is trying to hide her attraction to the very sexy Edge Poor girl.The handsome Edge grabs her, kissing the life out of her and leaves her a trembling mess Finding out Edge knew along pushes her over that cliff and leaves her hanging by her fingertips.when who should appear but Eve Sophie Sophie confronts her BFF and learns the real reasons she was sent here..and feaks out when learning how her friend used sad That Eve really was a nasty piece of work along with Janine Some sad events take place and we are left with no doubt to Edge s passionate feelings for her There maynot be a whole lot of them discussing their feelings but the emotional and passionate tension can be felt throughout the book And Sophie never stops POVing must be all that nervous tension LOL.Very entertaining read Loveable characters Some evil witches Beautiful locations Charming. A light, quick read that, truth be told, is the only thing I ve read in months that had me interested past the first sitting.

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