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Royal Wedding Threat HER ROYAL BODYGUARD In a tiny Mediterranean kingdom, Ava Wright has her dream job planning royal weddings When a killer targets Ava a week before the princess s ceremony, the captain of the royal guard vows to protect her and keep the royal family safe Ava knows that Jason Selini a man of stubborn integrity doesn t think she belongs on palace grounds But when they uncover why Ava is under attack, Jason shows himself to have the heart of a prince Suddenly Ava hopes she ll survive long enough to plan her own wedding Protecting the Crown The royal family fights for love and country

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    Maybe a littleThis is part of a series, and all of the books have been much better than I expected, with fictional princesses and such This book was no exception, and the author let a wonderfully dry sense of humor manifest in a couple spots In addition, the male protagonist actually touched the female protagonist somewhat intimately rubbing her back In th

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    The book started off with a boom but then I spent the first three chapters laughing By chapter 4 it turned intense and serious A very good story about the Wedding Planner for the Royal weddings, and the Captain of the Royal Guard These characters were great Page turning adventure and suspense And as always, a pleasure visiting the Lydian Kingdom.

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    Again, I find I didn t like this book quite as much as McCalla s original series in Lydia I also found the female protaganist a little unsympathetic But the mystery part of it was done very well and kept me reading There were some spoilers for Royal Heist which I hadn t read yet so make sure you read these in order

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    I really love McCalla s country of Lydia and royal guard captain Jason Selini has always been one of my favorite minor characters in the earlier books in the series Ava is a good fit for him, since he is able to be himself with her and he cares about her previously broken heart.

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    This is the 1st book I read by Rachelle McCalla I m sorry I stopped reading this story at chapter 4 because it didn t grab my interest.

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    As always, the Kingdom of Lydia was a delight to visit The characters are realistic, the suspense holds your interest, and the way faith is interspersed throughout the story without being too heavy handed is wonderful The only drawback I found in this one is, as a reader, not feeling totally satisfied as to the reason Ava was estranged from her father The scenari

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    wonderful Love the Protecting the Crown series and especially liked this one about the wedding planner I loved on page 220 where the deacon explained the verse in Ecclesiastes chp 4 about the cord of three strands is not easily broken one alone is weaktwo together are strongbut with God as the third strand, it is unbreakable Awesome Thanks for another great book,

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    Such a great book I always enjoy Rachelle McCalla s books and this one satisfied me as well Clean story with great characters and the kindgom of Lydia, what s not to love Two thumbs up and a big smile on my face with such a great read.

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