Unknown Sands: Journeys Around the World's Most Isolated

Unknown Sands: Journeys Around the World's Most Isolated Country Turkmenistan was once the world s most feared territory Since the time of the Mongols, the nomadic tribes of its vast desert wastes were deemed ungovernable Russians and Persians were captured as slaves and carried off by the fierce Turkmen Even now, as an independent country located between the hot spots of Afghanistan and Iran, with one of the planet s largest natural gas reserves, Turkmenistan remains virtually unknown to the outside world Unknown Sands penetrates this remote and harsh land This is a personal story that blends two years of adventure with Turkmenistan s tumultuous history to present an intriguing profile of the country and its people This former Soviet territory offers a target rich environment for the unusual including a surreal cult of Presidential personality, ancient ruins of the Silk Road, and a unique, mystical brand of Islam

About the Author: John W. Kropf

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Unknown Sands: Journeys Around the World's Most Isolated Country book, this is one of the most wanted John W Kropf author readers around the world.

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    This is the third and best of the books I have read recently on Turkmenistan The author is a government lawyer who follows his wife to Turkmenistan when she takes a job with the US embassy there The family lives in the US compound but make an effort to meet Turkmen and to learn the history of the country Turkmenistan still comes off as a re

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    I traveled to Turkmenistan a few years ago and a lot of what he said brought back memories of women sweeping the highways, chaotic queues at airports, monuments to Niyazov all over the city It is important to note after reading criticism in other s reviews that this is not a textbook or factual history of the country It is one man s story of

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    This is the first book of any kind that I have read about Turkmenistan It s interesting, but my Turkmen exchange student refutes some of what is written I see it as a good introduction to an extremely private country.

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    Reading a lot about places with one party states Easy read Little grating at times but I m fascinated by places like Turkmenistan

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    My mom publised it so she has a couple of copies lying around but otherwise I liked it

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