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All the Way Round In , Stuart Trueman set out on amonth voyage to circumnavigate Australia by kayak He wasn t the first person to complete the circumnavigation, or even the second but he was determined to make it a triumphant third Stuart s adventure was to be done on a shoestring, with no support team and a powerful belief in the philosophy of Do It Yourself, albeit with the kindness and help of the many people he met along the way This single handed journey would see him face extraordinary challenges, including the non stop crossing of mightykilometre cliff formations, huge seas, dangerous surf, sleeping whales, inquisitive sharks, large crocodiles and the sheer, relentless grind of paddling day in and day out all around Australia s massive coastline From heatstroke in the tropical north to the icy gales of the Southern Ocean, and everything in between, Stuart s experienced all the wonders and terrors of Australia s diverse geography, writing a gripping account that vividly brings to life the coasts of our incredible continent Filled with dry humour, resilience and the myriad incidents and dramas that made up this epic journey, All the Way Round is a classic of adventure

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    My 4 stars arefor him than for the book Although is a nice book if you are not Australian there are some areas you can get easily lost geographically and also when he talks about things without naming them The oth

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    I found this an interesting book because I kayak and because I find people who go outside their comfort zone do to epic feats fascinating easy to read if a bit stilted sometimes.

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    Although he did not kayak continuously around Australia he still completed the 16000 km an amazing feat of organization and strength A great read.

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