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The Last Night of Ballyhoo The newest play by the author of the Pulitzer Prize winning Driving Miss Daisy

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    The Last Night of Ballyhoo is a play written by Alfred Uhry, the Pulitzer winning author of Driving Miss Daisy Ballyhoo is a powerful insight into what it meant to be Jewish in the American south on the eve of World War II Only 99 pages in length yet packing a punch, I rate this play 4.5 stars The play begins as Lala Levy is decorating an Xmas tree Even th

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    A traditional play in many ways, Uhry finds surprising depth in his discussion of Jewish identification in the Deep South The historic connections as well help amplify the story outside the confines of the living room into the national sphere A solid play structure for a surprisingly deep story.

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    I am such a sucker for Southern overly dramatic plays about jews around christmas time at the start of WWII

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    I was really surprised I enjoyed this as much as I did The subject matter is wealth, status, and being an outsider a upper crust Jewish family in the 1930 s south Like his other work, Driving Miss Daisy,The Last Night of Ballyhoo has an almost sleepy flow, but because the main characters are young, you feel their longing to escape their closed in world of gossip and over

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    I really enjoyed this play Thought provoking A Jewish family in the south 1939 It s funny, sad, painful all at the same time You see the anti semitism and how deeply it impacts the Jewish community To the extent you even see the internal divisions and self hatred Thank God for Adolph, Reba, Sunny, and Joe They give you hope, even as WWII looms in the background Some really fu

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    A cute read that is a great play and I would actually like to see this on stage.

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    4 stars what a great suggestion for a not necessarily Christmassy holiday season read I remember seeing this play a number of years ago, and enjoying it then The play is about a Jewish extended family living in the South, preparing for Christmas and New Years, largely leading up to an annual evening event called Ballyhoo , where the Jews of the area congregate and have festivities The

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    In 1930s Atlanta, the German Jewish community s social calendar revolves around Ballyhoo Insular and assimilated, the Freitag family is upper class When an ambitious young man from Eastern Europe comes into their lives, it exposes the prejudices of the Freitags lives The Last Night of Ballyhoo takes a small slice of American life and uses it to look at the larger themes of American identity

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    This really would be a perfect play except for a Reba s dialog with Sunny and b the ending It s terrible I m usually a happy ending warrior but there is a time and a place for that and this is not it

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    People expected , but it won the Tony anyway that year.

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