Russian Tales of Fabulous Beasts and Marvels Kindle Ñ

Russian Tales of Fabulous Beasts and Marvels Five traditional folk tales from Russia about talking animals, witches and magic plants

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    An author s note admits that these may not be the most authentic versions one could find, but they seem so to me And they re engagingly and gracefully told Mikolaycak s art is indeed marvelous ty Michael for noting the resemblance of his work to that of Trina Schart Hyman It s a little less detai

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    BABA YAGAOnce upon a time there was a man and woman who had an only daughter When his wife died, the man took another But the wicked stepmother took a dislike to the girl, beat her hard and wondered how to be rid of her forever One day the father went off somewhere and the stepmother said to the g

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