Doctor Grordbort's Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory

Doctor Grordbort's Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory Dr Grodbort has released his directory of scientific splendour A catalogue of wondrous contraptions and wave weapons of unprecedented power, this book makes available a myriad of destructive and beneficial devices to any intergalactic explorer

About the Author: Greg Broadmore

By day I work at award winning design and effects shop, Weta Workshop as a conceptual designer, but at night I go home and wash dishes I joke My girl friend will tell you as much No, I go home and write and draw.I mainly photoshop rude pictures of people I know in compromising situations and write offensive comments emanating from speech bubbles on said pictures, but from time to time I write and illustrate a book or two.I ve worked on many big name effects heavy feature films like King Kong and Narnia, but I m least ashamed of having been lead designer for District 9.I joke again I am very proud of all the films I ve worked on Too proud actually Haughty even Smug.They make me feel very important.

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    I got this one by winning a stack of Dark Horse books in a raffle at this year s ALA Annual Conference I didn t think much of it at first it s very short, and looks like a novelty piece or an offshoot of a larger work I was hooked by the second page, though The humor alone is worth picking up Doctor Grordbort s Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory.This is essentially a fanciful catalogue of intricate, highly dangerous ray guns and other equipment for manly men who want to conquer the m

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    Greg Broad, Dr Grordbort s Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory Wellington, Weta Publishing in the past, product has been released through New Line production house, with Weta only receiving a proportion of the royalties.Greg came up with the idea from a series of acrylic paintings he had done, stemming from his own personal fascination wit Greg Broad, Dr Grordbort s Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory Wellington, Weta Publishing Dark Horse Comics HarperCollins, 2008 This is Greg Broad s first

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    It is of note that this book is the first of many to be published under the new directive Publishing without editorial discrimination in the aid of easing social exclusion of the intellectually impoverished.I think its fantastic, these government initiatives to encourage inclusion of the handicapped There is no longer any reason that someone with a genetic shortcoming in their cranial capacity has to compensate purely with an overly masculine display of rampant beard ation or freakish demons It i

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    An delightful book from Weta, written in the 1800 s style of brochures catalogs for buying items via mail order, from everything ray guns to automatons a must have read for every steampunk enthusiast

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    Find this book at Hillingdon Libraries Find this book at Hillingdon Libraries

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    Do not expect a plot, although there is a bit of a story in the back But it is a wonderfully decadent catalog of steampunk paraphenalia You always did want to know where to get a new ray gun..right or a gas driven gadabout

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    Awesome drawings neovic catalogue of rayguns and velocopides

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    Amazing book I had a lot of fun ridding it I love Broad worlds I bought this book at Le Mus e D Ailleurs in Yverdon Switzerland.

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    I am a catalogue junkie and this one is a real treat We have come a long, long way since The Whole Earth Catalogue

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    Steampunk amusement and some damn fine artwork too Must be seen to be believed I personally endorse the Manmelter 3600ZXSub Atomic Disintegrator Pistol.

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