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Aristotle Detective AthensBC a city uneasy under the sway of the Macedonian Alexander the Great, now fighting he King of Persia for control of the East In this time of fresh ambition and furtive discontent, an eminent citizen is brutally murderedYoung Philemon, an exile formerly guilty of manslaughter is accused of the bizarre homicide IN his absence his cousin and nearest male relative,year old Stephanos, must conduct Philemon s defence and attempt to clear his family s name of this bloody murderStephanos seeks help from Aristotle, his former teacherand Aristotle turns DetectiveWhy did no one think of this before THE TIMESWit in a first novel is rare enough, and when allied to the skilful unravelling of a murder story set in Ancient Athens it makes us doubly grateful for Aristotle Detective DAILY TELEGRAPHEminently enjoyable COLIN DEXTER

About the Author: Margaret Doody

Aka Margaret Anne DoodyMargaret Anne Doody born 1939 is a professor of literature at the University of Notre Dame, and helped found the PhD in Literature Program at Notre Dame She served as its director from 2001 2007 Joseph Buttigieg has since become director.Although historical detective stories are now a flourishing genre, with Steven Saylor and Lindsey Davis being particularly prominent in the field of detective stories set in classical antiquity, back in 1978, when Aristotle Detective was first published, Doody was something of a pioneer in the genre Recently she has added fourto the series featuring Aristotle as a 4th Century B.C detective.There is also a novella, Anello di bronzo Ring of Bronze , currently available only in Italian.Doody s Aristotle books and are published in Italy by Sellerio editore, which also produced a translation of The Alchemists In France the mystery novels are published by 10 18 They are also available in Spanish, Portuguese and Greek individual novels have recently been appeared in Polish and Russian.

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    332 B.C The young Athenian, Stephanos, is trying to clear his cousin, Philemon, of a murder accusation Since Philemon has been exiled for manslaughter, Stephanos feels he wasn t even in Athens at the time of the murder He consults Aristotle, who philosophically and logically tries to figure out the solution For the most part, Stephanos does the running around and interviewing while the philosopher offers advice

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    I ve stumbled upon this book by chance, as when making an online purchase I was offered the second volume of this series As I do not like to read series starting by the middle, namely in this genre as, though not always the older cases are needed to understand the background of characters, there are some mentions from time to time that help to understandof the stories It happened to me once, while reading Steven Saylor

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    Stephanos is a na ve young Athenian in a tight position His father has recently died his only surviving male relative, Philemon has fled into exile after killing a man in a fight his property is encumbered by a debt he can t repay he has a house full of women to support and little to manage it with When cousin Philemon is accused of a murder that Stephanos has stumbled upon by accident one morning, Stephanos must dodge the char

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    A particular crime novel, set in the streets of ancient Athens, during the expansion of Alexander the Great While Stefanos, young and inexperienced, as the eldest son of his late father Nichiarco, tries to fulfill his duties with regard to the family, finds himself having to defend his cousin charged with the murder of the rich Buotades Being in trouble, decide to seek help from his old teacher, Aristotle So begins a race against time

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    For the first half of this book, Aristotle is a detective in the same way as Nero Wolfe detecting from his armchair Later he goes out to seek some answers himself Stephanos, his former student, is the active participant in the detecting Lots of philosophical points made, if you can catch them e.g., at one point Aristotle says, If Philemon did not do it, someone in the class non Philemon did it That s Aristotle all right proving theorems and bu

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    ARISTOTLE DETECTIVE is a fun, straightforward mystery novel set in Athens during the reign of Alexander of Macedonia Margaret Doody appropriates Aristotle, arguably the second greatest of all philosophers, as her leading character in this detective series In this, the inaugural story, he enables a former student to clear the name of his cousin who is falsely accused of murder The plot is fairly predictable, but yet good enough that I will read further

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    This was marvellous I love detective stories and I especially love detective stories set in well researched history As a Classicist by formal eduction I ve been looking for something set in Ancient Athens for a while.This ticks all boxes and the best thing It s the first of a series

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    Having missed the vast majority of references and allusions, suitable appreciation of this book is precluded by my ignorance of ancient Greece One could spend hours looking up terms and names, if only those for different kinds of pots, let alone what it would take to check the myriad of myths and legends It speaks for the book that this ignorance is not an impediment to enjoyment I should read it again with a classical encyclopedia at hand.

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    The first in a series set in Classical Athens where the philosopher Aristotle investigates mysteries with his young friend, Stephanos Excellent historical research, engaging characters, interesting mysteries.

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    3.5 Stars fun and well written The series looks promising Will definitely continue.

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