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The Green Man A short, darkly comic tale of murder and weird goings on in an English wood that fans of the old TV show, Alfred Hitchcock Presents might find to their likingIf you go down in the woods today, you re in for a big surprise Alec Bingham is murdering his wife He s got it all worked out But there are some things in the woods that even the most careful planning can t anticipate

About the Author: Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett is the four time Parsec Award winning author of Underwood and Flinch, Blood and Smoke, Hall of Mirrors, and One Among the Sleepless He lives in Wexford, Ireland Mike likes immersing himself in all kinds of horror and thriller stories He also likes traditional pubs, cooking, and ventriloquism as long as the doll s eyes don t start following him around the room profile and Smashwords profile

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