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This Lullaby There is an alternate cover edition for this ISBN hereWhen it comes to relationships, Remy doesn t mess around After all, she s learned all there is to know from her mother, who s currently working on husband number five But there s something about Dexter that seems to defy all of Remy s rules He certainly doesn t seem like Mr Right For some reason, however, Remy just can t seem to shake him Could it be that Remy s starting to understand what those love songs are all about

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    This Lullaby was my first Dessen book and will probably be the last It has nothing to do with the writing, but this kind of fairly depressing YA chick lit a la Jennifer Weiner is simply not my cup of tea.This book is normally described as a super sweet romance, but it never felt like one to me Rather, it was a story of a girl disillusioned in love who finally allowed herself to open hers

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    To truly live life is to always make risks I m a living testimony to this philosophy orlike a fact of life But to a cynic, everything has measures, standards and requirements Things have always to be in control because a step to an unknown direction will lose the balance that one keeps or at least hopes to maintain To Remy, the main character in the story, her lack of faith in relationshi

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    I ve been reading a lot of children s classics lately, so it felt good to pick a young adult romance novel by a familiar author to switch atmospheres This is exactly what I expected and wanted from Sarah Dessen a profound, but not too heavy, relationship focused contemporary book You ve probably read dozens of novels, if not , like this one Or so you might think The main character Remy doe

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    man oh man there is nothing better than a good sarah dessen binge read in the summer.this book is Especially good, because it s pret ty different from the typical dessen it s a kinda bad girl protagonist who knew that was even possible didn t we all think that the female main characters that populate sarah dessen books just came in barely varying flavors of Vanilla.remy is a bit o a badass

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    Reviewed by Jocelyn Pearce for TeensReadToo.comSarah Dessen s THIS LULLABY is one of the best teen books I ve ever read It s the story of Remy, a girl who has no faith in love Part of this is because her own father never even saw her, only wrote a now famous song, called This Lullaby, about her before he died It certainly doesn t help that her mother has been married four times, and, at the

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    After Just Listen, let s just say that I wasn t all that impressed with Sarah Dessen And to be honest I just couldn t see why she was so popular. so with great reluctance a month after reading Just Listen in fact, I went ahead and read This Lullaby Well, this review is me eating my words Sarah Dessen deserves all the praise she has gotten gets.I loved it Yes, this is even despite my having co

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    I did not like this book I found the main character to be completely unsympathetic and I could not relate to her or with her to save my life I understand WHY she was a bitch at time to Dexterbut quite honestly, I didn t really care I just couldn t really get into it Especially towards the end, when she flipped out on Dexter over the whole picture incident I wanted to rip out my hair, throw my

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    Sarah Dessen s books always leave my heart feeling so full I loved Remy s cynicism, Dexter s optimism, the idea of taking risks and opening up yourself to every opportunity Such a great story

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    I was 18 when I read This Lullaby, and it was the first Sarah Dessen novel that I had read To this day, it is still my favorite book by Dessen.The main character Remy is very relatable to many teenage girls, and even to young women who remember being the way Remy is when they were in high school Remy s family and friends are a very loveable group of characters and their development is flawless T

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    Short review FINALLY FINALLY, FINALLY I m finished this book Did you see the date I started and finished this novel Life gets in the way book lovers as you know Life and school but s over No I loved it so much I thought I would be happy that I got it done because onebook read right and I could chat with my friend Erin, whom I buddy read this wonderful jem of a novel with No I wish there was

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