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Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, May 1958 (Vol. 31, No. 7) CONTENTS You Can t Be a Little Girl All Your Life Stanley Ellin Demon Scientist Strikes Again Kem Bennett The ,, Defense Harold Q Masur The Devil Dog Jack London The Murder of the Month Club Morris Lee Green The Course of Truelove Dick Ashbaugh You Gotta Be Tough George Harmon Coxe The Li l Sharpsnooper Edwin A Gross A Question of Honor Ellery Queen The Red Headed Murderess Robert Branson The Income Tax Mystery Michael Gilbert

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    I wasn t reading EQMM in 1958 but somehow I did come across this issue and really enjoyed it I have no idea who the Paul Summers that Goodreads lists this as being by is or was he doesn t seem to be anyone with an actual connection to this issue.I often don t like short stories with Ellery Queen as a character but A Question of Honor avoids any of the dying message

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