Weddings in White: Unlikely Lover/The Princess

Weddings in White: Unlikely Lover/The Princess Bride/Callaghan's Bride International bestselling author Diana Palmer is legendary for creating charming, irresistibly romantic love stories that live on in readers hearts forever This special collection features Callaghan s Bride, which hit the New York Times bestseller extended list and is guaranteed to make this book a bestseller

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    Of these three books the first and last are the best When I bought this book I feel in love with Diana Palmer writing style The heroine are all virgins sweet and kind and the hero mistreats and distrust them all The heroes are all self centred,hard headed and hearted Cowboys that think they are gods.

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    This was one set that I felt the heroines were too young This occasionally happens with Diana Palmer s characters I know most of these were probably written 20 years ago In one story the girl gives up her education to marry the hero I don t like that To me it s not a realistic love story until the characters are 25 b c I think you really change between the age of 20 and 25 I can

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    Unlikely Lover 8 8 01The Princess Bride 8 9 01Callaghan s Bride 8 10 01

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