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His for Revenge The marriage game Walking down the aisle toward striking but cold CEO Chase Whitaker was never meant to be Zara Elliot s fate But to safeguard the family business, she ll have to play along Chase is only interested in one thing his own dark game of revenge against Zara s father The one thing he hadn t counted on Zara s charm and natural beauty unsettling his rock hard defenses But their wedding night proves to be a game changer, and they both realize they re in over their heads Losing is never an option for Chase but winning suddenly takes on a very different meaning

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    After reading His for a Price which I was not mad about, I was surprised.I actually liked the follow up.yes, I liked it so muchthan book 1 Not having been enamoured with Chase in the previous book, I did have some misgivingswould I actually like the guy He certainly did not grab me But what a turnaround Maybe it had something to do with the heroineZa

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    I m sorry I m lost He blatantly shamelessly used her, threw her under the bus strictly FIGURATIVELY speaking and what did he do to redeem himself apart from apologising He said his dad only loved his mumthan the business, could he say the same for himself He clearly caredabout the business than her How does he prove his love By being there Well her dad and

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    Not a fan on non virginal heroines when I am reading a Harlequin Presents.

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    This was an okay, if somewhat of a phone it in, tropey MOC romance.The h is offered up in a MOC the day of the wedding instead of her horrible, favorited older sister by the evenhorrible father He needs a daughter to marry the H because somehow, someway he can get control over the business I think I was skimming as I failed to see the connection as to how the marital

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    Being a fan of non virginal heroines and the healthy reality of a 26 year old who has had two prior long term intimate relationships I felt this was pertinent to mention I don t mind a virginal heroine but it needs to be realistic I really liked this heroine She has a very hostile, dysfunctional family who have continually hammered on her self esteem and have never treated

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    2 stars for the romance plus one star for the hero actually going through with his revenge and not wimping out Why the announcement to the board was revenge is not really clear It seemed pretty evident that the hero was blackmailed into marriage and the heroine knew he was being blackmailed, view spoiler so having the heroine confess to the board that her father was a blackmailer

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    I liked this slightly less than His for a Price, but that s because I fell gaga for Nicodemus However, Chase is scrumptious in all his dysfunction He truly believes he s a terrible person He s focused on getting the thorn out of his side, one Amos Elliot, andthan willing to use his forced marriage to Amos daughter The fact that he marries the wrong daughter throws a wrench in his plans

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    I thought this was a damn good read Yeah, the writing is heavy and the dialogue was lighter than I m used to but Crews spins a yarn so well I couldn t help but become engaged While the story concept wasn t unique the telling felt rather original and I thought Chase was seriously hot Then again I like em cold and a overly arrogant Fair warning Overall I was charmed

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    Revenge and marriage of convenience are two of my favorite tropes and I think that is one of the reason I enjoyed His for Revenge so much The revenge plot is superbly executed and the story is written in the author s usual amazing manner I liked this one much better than the first part, mainly because I loved the characters in this one.Zara is an awesome heroine who has great taste in books and ha

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    Zara Elliot has always tried to be a good daughter to a father so selfish and scheming he makes Scrooge look like Santa Claus Amos Elliot forces Zara to marry a business associate after her sister, Ariella, the intended bride bails at the last minute He cares nothing for Zara s happiness being the type of man, who collected money and power the way other fathers collected stamps, and Zara had never been

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