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About the Author: Lord Original Buttersworth

Lord Original Buttersworth is a fancy British gentleman He s the realest mothafuqqa I ever met This man smokes a whole damn pound of weed before writing his shitty books that you keep buying at the end of the day You so stupid idiot Keep buying them, please Rest assured your money will be spent on meth weed.Ever wonder why the books are so strange Because the Lord is high as fukc What else was you thinking DAMN 50% OFF ALL BOOKS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY GOTTA BUY THEM ALL

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    What s inside you ask Yes.The author is named Yes.Is it worth your time No.But Yes.Is it free Yes.It was riveting It was moving I laughed, I cried All while reading the single page.YES Actually my dears, no Check it out for yourself Come ride the donkey with me.ETA I just reread this book like ten times Just as moving as the first read DYES ETA 8 7 14 After my fortieth read of this classic tome, this international t

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    NO.I CAN T I CANNOT EVEN I ABSOLUTELY, 100%, CANNOT.I am going to fucking die of laughter I don t know what the fuck I expected, but it wasn t this.I laughed, I cried, it moved me, I almost threw things, I laughed , I questioned my life, I questioned my choices, I questioned my hair color.I needed this book I needed this book right now.LOB, can I call you LOB LOB and I have so much in common, I can tell It just it fuck

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    You definitely get what the book offers, I ll give it that NB Plot spoiler view spoiler hide spoiler LOL br br br br br br br You definitely get what the book offers, I ll give it that NB Plot spoiler view spoiler hide spoiler LOL

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    So I was all likeBut the masses were against me They kept on honey badgering me Telling me how fantabulous it was That it would change my life So I took the plunge I committed to buying this book for 0.00 onI m certain they ll find a way to charge me tax on that somehow.I digress.Anyhoo, the cover art alone is I have no words Van Gogh would ve cut off his other ear for this kind of talent.Then I got to 69% which I m fairly c

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    Written August 8, 20142.2 Chuckling Stars just cause I couldn t resist it Yes is a quick read freebie book that says exactly what I need to know when I wake up on a sunny Friday morning YES life is good, the Swedish summer weather is fantastic, I have tons of good books to read and I have onereview to do our most famous Swedish YesAnd, you all know me I like to write and paste pics and gifs into nice looking com Written August

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    No other book has given me such a roller coaster of emotions I remember in Chapter 1 when view spoiler YES hide spoiler , that was hilarious Later, after everyone left the party I about fell off my chair when Cindy told Billy view spoiler YES hide spoiler.Finally, just when I thought I had everything figured out, I turned the final page and saw that view spoiler YES hide spoiler.But the biggest spoiler of them all is that this is the

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    Wait What Why am I laughing

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    Ohmigod LOL

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    Not sure how to rate this one That cover the red was ominous and angry The three bold prominent letters told me that I needed to read it I read it.I am forever changed I have no words for what I just read except for one Yes.

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