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Second Chance Reunion A Mom s Redemption Annie Payton s lost everything she once held dear The Village of Hope is her last chance to rebuild the life she s frittered away so needlessly But as she works to regain custody of her children, she never imagines an unlikely advocate in her corner ex husband Ian Montgomery Ian s always willing to help those down on their luck, but his ex wife s a different story Her past betrayal is still a painful memory As the Village s lawyer, he ll represent her but that s as far as he ll allow his feelings to go Can Annie show Ian that she s changed in every way but one the love she still has for him Village of Hope A community built on love

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    Another great book by Merillee Whren This book is the first book in the Village of Hope series Annie has had a tough past and is trying to better herself so she can get custody of her kids back Will Ian her ex husband and Annie grow back together This storyline was great and kept me reading from beginning to end I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Reviewed at The Power of Words Inspired romances are sweet, upbeat reads, often just what I m looking for in the midst of busy times And although Second Chance Reunion is sweet and inspiring, Merrillee involves her characters in some pretty serious situations I enjoyed the depth of storyline and Merrillee s writing.In years past, both Annie and Ian s behavior had been destructive to themselves an

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    This was the first in a series and it is another great book by Merrillee Whren Annie has had her share of problems She used to party and had a problem with substance abuse She has lost her two children and is trying get her life back on track Her main goal is to straighten out, get her children back and be the best mother she can be to them.When she enters The Village of Hope where they will help her

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    Really neat book All about having second chances to get your life together.How God was in all of it.How bad things get turned around and how God gets the credit.Wonderful book Please read it

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    Annie Payton wasted her life and her last hope and it brings her to the Village of Hope She needs help to regain her children and was told attorney could help her When she meets him it shocks her.Redemption, lots of forgiveness, and danger bring about hope for Annie Ian is not the father of her children but he ends up spending a lot of time with them Ian is her ex husband and attorney.God brings good out of cha

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    An enjoyable read about second chances but be prepared to cry as well An inspiring story that all will enjoy Would recommend to all romance readers.

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    The one dimensional characters really made it hard to connect with the story.

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    I started reading and couldn t stop until I finished Great story and interesting characters inspirational as well.

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    Annie Payton s a changed woman and only wants to re gain custody of her two small children She finds herself at the Village of Hope, a ministry facility that helps people of all ages and walks of life to get back on their feet She knows what a mess she s made of her life is determined to stay clean, sober and be the mom she should have been for her kids Ian Montgomery is a lawyer helps run the Village of Hope He s being asked to r

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    When you reach rock bottom, there s nowhere to go but up, right Annie Payton has made serious past mistakes, abusing alcohol and drugs and stealing money to pay for those habits After losing her children to social services, she starts to get her life back on track, completing a year long rehab and doing whatever it takes to win back custody of her children But the past still lingers and even those who are helping her at Village of Hope

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