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Texas Mom FOR THEIR SON Texas veterinarian Delaney Blair will do anything to find a bone marrow donor for her four year old son, Nickolas The only likely match is his Argentinean father, Dario But Dario and Delaney didn t part on good terms In fact, he doesn t even know he has a son Delaney travels to Argentina to find him, and Dario, shocked, returns to Texas It s not long before Nick and Dario become close Not only that, Dario can t hide the feelings he has for Delaney feelings that have been there since they met Dario s family doesn t want him to be with her But now they have to see if the love between them is strong enough to keep them together

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    Gazing into his unyielding eyes, Delaney didn t know where the kind, playful man she d fallen in love with had gone. pg 29Delaney goes to Argentina to find out if her 4 1 2 year old son s father is a bone marrow match for him The child has leukemia Dario does not know he has a son He and Delaney slept together, once, five years ago and she never told him she had a child She thinks he left and never contacted her again, but in truth, her dad drov

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    Good book with some definite heart tugging going on Delaney is the single mother of a little boy who is very ill He needs a bone marrow transplant and they have been unable to find a match Desperate, she heads for Argentina, to talk to her son s father and get his help Unfortunately, she never told him she was pregnant and she isn t sure what his reaction will be Dario is shocked by her arrival, and initially quite hostile He and his family hold h

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    3.5 StarsHarlequin Western Romance 1531This was a very sweet story and I enjoyed it quite a bit.Its the story of Delany and Dario They had a fling one summer when Dario was working for Delany s father Then after her father catches them, he fires Dario Dario heads back to Argentina to work on his family s farm raising bulls But of course Delany is pregnant and she believes Dario left her Then her young son Nick is diagnosed with leukemia for a secon

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    It was a cute romance story.

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    Texas Mom by Roz Denny Fox Prepare with a box of tissues for a sweet and heartbreaking adventure, as Delaney will do everything she can to save her son s live by contacting Dario, Nickolas s father Delaney Blair is very happy to live where she does, not only does she have great clients for her veterinary business, but she has great friends that support and help her in everything they can Two years ago they were there to help her when her son s cancer

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    Texas Mom by Roz Denny Fox was an excellent book Delaney Blair has an affair and one night sex with Argentina Dario Delaney got pregnant and never took Dario There son Nickolas needs four years old and needs a bone marrow transplant Delaney doesn t match Delaney goes to Argentina to see if he will be tested Bad history between their fathers Dario flies to Texas Meets his son and bonds with him But Dario s marrow doesn t match His half sister went to T

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    Excellent read, grabs your heart strings and doesn t let go Kim The romance works, even though it often takes second place to the difficulties facing the worried parents The heroine s reasons for not contacting the hero sooner, and mutual misunderstandings, will garner the reader s sympathy RT Book Reviews, 4 stars.

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