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Delucca's Marriage Contract More than he bargained forGiancarlo Delucca has one aim to go global Even if it means marrying the O Connor heiress to secure the contract Keelin O Connor wants a place on the board and no part of this business arrangement Gianni may have vowed to seduce his wayward bride, but Keelin is fighting him every step down the aisle Happily ever after was never part of the bargain, but Gianni finds himself intrigued by Keelin s feisty defiance And suddenly he s determined to turn the beautiful Irish redhead s I don t into an I do Welcome to The Chatsfield, Rome

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    The marriage of convenience trope is a staple when it comes to the HP line Some work while others don t This book, though, worked for me Thanks to the heroine who wasn t about to let herself get railroaded into a marriage without a fight Keelin O Connor s worst mistake in life is being born a girl Her father neglected her and keeps telling her she s not good enough to b

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    DELUCCA s MARRIAGE CONTRACT by Abby Green is the 10th book in The Chatsfield Series, which I found a bit strange as there is nothing about the Chatsfields except the mention of one of the Chatsfield s hotel being used as a wedding venue for the main protagonists.Abby Green is a must buy for me She s my ultimate favorite Mills Boon authors but this book wasn t one that WO

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    Heroine was a passive aggressive, whiny spoiled brat and the hero was nuts to marry her.She doesn t get a pass for being a virgin or a neglected child but that s the card she played to explain her spendthrift behavior and her complete disregard for the hero She was awful and two days spent as a waitress didn t redeem her Really She has an economics degree and a giant diam

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    Keelin s dad owns a global food distribution company shh, it s a bit in trouble maybe He will get into business with Italian food and wine man Gianni, if Gianni will marry Keelin Gianni agrees.Keelin doesn t But, since her father threatens to disinherit her if she doesn t marry Gianni, she quickly hatches a scheme to make Gianni not want to marry her She will present herse

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    this is a mostly flawless love story and probably one of Abby Green s best Loved the hero and the heroine they seemed a perfect match for each other and their personal demons seemed very natural The only thing that seemed a little discordant was the fact that Keelin started working as a waitress, even though she had a business degree from a top university So how come she di

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    Delucca s Marriage Contract was a quick and satisfying read The protagonists were both hurt by troubled pasts associated with familial relationships Together, they found something beautiful and new that they could build on.

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    Abby Green has done it again, and with a major bang Her latest read tells the story of Giancarlo Delucca , he has one aim in life and one only , to go global Even if it means marring the O Connor heiress to secure the contract that will change his life forever.Keeling O Connor wants a place on the board and no part in the business arrangements, ti s all power play and no hard

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    First of all I can t believe Abby Green wrote a virgin heroine This came as a big shock to me Usually her heroines are so slutty and Paris Hilton it makes me cringe Not that this heroine was any better She comes off as a very rich shallow, spoiled immature brat I can t relate to such a person I m tired of snarky bitchy heroines Hero was lame He is supposed to be dark and relat

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    It was a good read I always love a woman with backbone and brains.

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    3.5 stars.A nice story, if a bit tame in the drama side in my opinion But I must say that the cover of this edition is absolutely gorgeous.

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