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The Boy Who Knew Everything Here is the long awaited companion to The Girl Who Could FlyThere is a prophecyIt speaks of a girl who can fly and a boy who knows everything The prophecy says that they have the power to bring about great changeThe boy is Conrad Harrington III The girl is Piper McCloud They need their talents now,than ever, if they are to save the world and themselves

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    This review is also available on my blog, Read Till Dawn.I really, really, really loved The Boy Who Knew Everything s prequel, The Girl Who Could Fly my review here I spent years desperat

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    A worthy companion to the Girl Who Could Fly, The friendship between the two is very special, full of warmth and adventure this fantasy is also set very strongly in the real world giving i

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    I d much rather we not talk about how long this has been on my shelf I pre ordered this when I knew it existed and it was a Christmas present to myself I could have sworn it s been under a

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    I want to just say that I loved The Girl Who Could Fly It is the only book on my bookshelf that has a completely broken spine from the numerous times that I read it over and over and over I

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    painfully disappointing The writing has a completely different feel to it and my attachment to Conrad and Piper s friendship was my only incentive to finish the book The tone is completely di

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    The Girl Who Could Fly has been a favorite book of mine for a long time and I was so happy that the stories and characters would be able to continue on in this next installment It did not disa

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    WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT It s finally coming I loved Conrad this is so exciting.

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    YAY IM SO EXCITED I read the first book about two or three years ago, so I ll be sure to reread it, but YAY

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    4.5 Certainly wasn t what I expected after the first book but I still loved it.

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    1.5 reallydamn I was really hoping this one would be good since I enjoyed the first book, but it seems like the author bit offthan she could chew here by adding real world situations, time travel,

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