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You can release the worry and relax now What s yours is yours Root chakra Affirmation India Ame ye A charming book that s a bit dreamy, tender, faraway, lulling, ancient yet familiar Occasionally quite funny alongside some brand of thrilling wildness Chockfull of intimate and feminine arts in deeply honest ways, you are sure to open, clear, and evolve in many areas of your life There are thepractical and serious bits as well, as life is like that sometimes, where you have to hold the mirror up and say Stop hurting your organs It s a steaming cauldron full of magic secrets a bit of this and whole lot of that From skin to body sculpting tips to ways to come alive in your body, the seeds and the harvest are here, perfectly timed for Autumn You are sure to fall in love in a myriad of ways Trust yourself You Look Like Something Blooming

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