Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Disney Little

Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Disney Little Golden Book Have you forgotten how to see the magic in the world around you To get that childlike sparkle back in your life, look no further than timeless Disney Little Golden Books Featuring illustrations from classic favorites such as Cinderella, Frozen, Dumbo, Peter Pan, The Lion King, Snow White, Finding Nemo, Sleeping Beauty, and Cars, this inspirational hardcover collection helps readers of all ages rediscover the enchanting power of Disney and those Little Golden Books with shiny foil spines that we all grew up with The perfect gift, this book will have you clapping for Tinker Bell and

About the Author: Diane Muldrow

Diane Muldrow grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania She later attended Ohio University, where she earned a Bachelor s Degree in Magazine Journalism and a Bachelor s Degree in Fine Arts Dance After her graduation, Diane moved to New York She spent several years performing as an actress and dancer in New York s downtown avant garde performance scene She also danced in a performance at Lincoln Center s Alice Tully Hall and had her own one woman shows.Diane has also had a successful career in publishing, both as an editor and as an author She has written over 100 books for children Diane lives in Brooklyn, New York, where she enjoys trying new recipes and eating in local restaurants.

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    Disney Pixar movies Little Golden Book illustrations my childhoodSometimes even as adults, we need to be reminded of some of the messages that children s books and Disney movies told us as kids Things like it s okay to make mistakes or that there s always something magical about life This book features characters from Disney and Pixar

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    Lovely book full of beautiful illustrations from both popular Disney Pixar films as well as a few of the lesser known ones Simple story in the traditional Little Golden Book Stylea few words on a page Book has to be read multiple times to be fully appreciated.

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    Um, ADORABLE THE PICTURES THE CUTENESS SO MUCH DISNEY GOODNESS.The only issue is I got confused a few times where the advice was going Like, it lost the flow for me.BUT DO MUCH CUTENESS,

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    Here s the Perfect Read Aloud BookThis 96 page Golden Book has a short phrase on each book This lyrical reading is combined with the fantastic and familiar artwork from Disney Pixar favorites like Finding Nemo or The Lion King I loved this book and it is something to read over and over without boring your children The message of this book is timeless as the f

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    I was given this book as a gift for my 28th birthday by my sister After an already emotional day of missing my grandmother, and receiving other very thoughtful gifts, I read this at the table with my family around me.This book was perfect for the place I am in my life with my mental health and trying to get things to move forward Tears rolled down my face as each pag

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    absolutely adorable book what GORGEOUS illustrations from various disney movies and books throughout the years the love is stronger than hate dumbo picture almost brought me to tears i love how some of these illustrations were from the 1950 s and some were from my childhood the 90 s and i actually recognized a bunch from my little golden books i owned and loved as a kid ther

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    Ummm What was that Two minutes to read Not worth it at all.Let me preface the following complaint by stating much of the two star rating is from disappointment that this is all Disney I picked this up at BEA for myself It was the ONLY book I got signed for myself on the first day I wasn t expecting Disney I thought it was the first book, same title, sans the Disney I was wrong I m n

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    This is a lovely and cute little book that would make a sweet gift The illustrations are filled with nostalgia I have to say that I prefer the life lessons in her other book.

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    So cute A trip down memory lane A quick read will take you to your happy place.

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    This book is a narrative that seeks to inspire children to be themselves and make a mark on the world Using Disney scenes and stories, this book asks children to follow their dreams, make friends, get out of the comfort zone, and inspire others.I really loved this book, but maybe it s because I really love Disney This book brought me a sense of nostalgia and longing to be a kid again Seeing Disney characte

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