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Death Note One-Shot Special The Death Note One Shot Special was serialized in avolume of Weekly Jump, and explains what happens in the series three years after the Kira case is resolved

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    Qu maravilla de ep logo

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    This had the potential to be really interesting and good however the ending was really abrupt which ruined it a bit for me.

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    Para m , sin reprochesAparte, leyendo esto me doy cuenta de que esta historia tan poco visual no pega nada en un c mic, la novela le sentar a mejor Lo han hecho as porque los autores son mangakas, peroAhora valoro mucho m s el trabajo de adaptaci n al anime, que con los juegos de colores, la m sica y dem s qued

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    A nice, short return to the world of Death Note.

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    Bru tal Cumpli mis expectativas Ohba, te como los huevos Qu pedazo de idea y qu bien llevada hasta el final.Obata, incre ble el pedazo de dibujo en su impresionante l nea Pero adem s de adaptar su estilo actual Platinum End al que ten a cuando termin Death Note, he identificado trazas de Bakuman, sobre todo en las expresiones m s c micas Me parece remarcable la habilidad de este dibujante Podr as leerlo jus

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    This one shot was first published in Weekly Shonen Jump No 11, 2008 to advertise for the film L Change the WorLd, which came up in the same month This one shot was later translated and published for the first time in English in Death Note All in One Edition.While I love Death Note, I was not willing to shell out money to purchase Death Note All in One Edition for essentially one issue So, I went to the nearest b

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    Too short to be worthwhile and lacking all the things that made Death Note great Felt like fan service rather than adding anything new to the Death Note universe.

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    This one is a great fan fiction Really

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    Eh, I m not sure what the point of this was I liked seeing all of the old characters again, but nothing else really caught my interest in this story A feel like maybe there is some sort of cultural disconnect with C Kira s motivation It just doesn t make sense to me Is there an epidemic of ill elders in Japan Do they not have palliative care How is that a problem for the young Are collectivistic family norms demanding that the

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    I finished the Death Note anime recently and while it s not my favourite anime ever, I did enjoy it I decided not to read the manga because, as far as I know, the anime covered everything it just had a few changed deleted scenes and, well that s the case with every single adaptation So I don t mind.However, when I found out about a special chapter set 3 years after the main events of the story, I decided to read it.And, wellit s ve

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